WVW: Leopard, Take 1*

I recently shot photos and video for a bag review over on In Their Closet. The fantastic haze in the first photo happened because it was the first shot I took after walking into 90-degree heat and humidity with a camera lens that was rather happy in the 69-degree chill of my house.

It fogged. I shot unknowingly. I loved the result. I consider it a serendipitous score.

Because these photos lacked crispness or weren’t a good shot of the bag, they didn’t make the cut. But I really loved them, so I decided to post them here. And this is Leopard, Take 1, because I just know leopard will be making some more appearances in my wardrobe very soon. Stay tuned. It’s going to be a furry and decadent fall on G&G.

*WVW= What V Wore
Banana Republic trench coat, Benetton jumpsuit, bag by American Chic, Aldo booties.


  1. V, I love the first photo. It looks like it could be on the cover of a card about a romance & dreams coming true, told in rhyming couplets by Hallmark. Perhaps the romance is about Leopard. Because I LOVE that bag.

  2. Gorgeous. I love these pictures – I also love that outfit in the second pic. Awesome shoes. Btw, did you end up getting those shoes we have to keep secret? 😉

  3. Piper
    Brogue Trader

    Thank you ladies! I appreciate the comment love!

    Celine—Thanks sweetie. No, I didn’t order those secret shoes. I ordered a pair from Bebe that was so poorly constructed, I took them back. I’m still haunted by the pair you referenced, though. Did you order? Are you? I’m afraid they’re going to be too big on the top of the foot.

  4. I have your bag. Well, your bag is probably better than mine. Mine is a leopard print vinyl hobo thing that I got at Target. Best $20 I ever spent on a fashion item. It never fails to receive compliments.

    1. You are further proof that it’s all about how you carry or wear a piece, I’m convinced. If you have a good eye, even an inexpensive piece can look like a million bucks.

  5. Mmh Mmh so Actually I think that a slight / enlightened use of leopard prints – like yours – is THE better way to flatter THE Roaring feline who is kindly slumbering on any contemporary Fashionista, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes !!!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  6. Oh G&G, I have been way lax in my comments on your blog. Though I should tell you, you naughty minx, that your website is the only one that the University of London blocked for content. Rowr indeed!

    I am fully on board with the leopard print though I always feel like there is a danger of too much so I try to limit myself to one leopard print item per outfit. This purse with trench and jumpsuit is perfect and I agree that the first photo is especially dreamy, even if accidentally. Looking forward to the autumn.

    1. Oh, now THAT is a riot! I am blocked by the U of London. I am truly a bad girl.

      Thanks for your comment. I agree that leopard is best worn sparingly. Your approach is exactly the way to wear it in the real world.

  7. yowzah!!
    how is it possible for one person be so very cool AND hot at the same time? i think that camera of yours fogged up because of the lovliness of image captured by the lens. :o)
    LOVE the new purse and it’s big bold size and print. LOVING even more that you are in your jumpsuit too! yeaaahh. *i hear inspiration yelling in my head right now*

  8. I LOVE the first shot. It’s just incredible. It has such a romantic and dream-like quality about it. Leopard is kind of an obsession of mine. I’m having a hard time holding back the cat in my closet lately! You look gorgeous. xx

    1. Thank you Kiran! And I LOVE your latest post, so much that I replicated it here so I could think about it some more:

      Guruji’s Knowledge Sheet: The Other Side Of Friendliness

      Sri Sri: Secretaries, police, judges, accountants and people in key positions should not be friendly!

      The main disadvantages of being friendly are:

      1. You come under obligation
      2. You lose your freedom
      3. You can’t have a free and fair perception. Your thoughts and actions may not be impartial
      4. Your focus, commitment, creativity and above all your time will be wasted
      5. You will pick up bad habits and negative moods easily

      It takes a lot of wisdom to be free from the burden of obligation and not be influenced by your friends’ opinions and feelings.

      In many occasions, it is better to be unfriendly than be friendly. Being unfriendly does not mean being aggressive and inimical. The best secretaries, personal assistants, security personnel, and judges have to be unfriendly. Those who are aloof and indifferent get centered more quickly than those who are too friendly. A certain degree of aloofness in every relationship will strengthen your personality and connect you to your source. It’s very easy to be very aloof or very friendly. But to be friendly and aloof is a Sadhana.

      Be an unfriendly friend!!

    1. Thanks Ashley! Sorry about your wedges…I hate when I have to say goodbye to a favorite pair because they just can’t take my stomping around in them anymore!

    1. Thank you love, that’s a big compliment coming from you. I regularly look at your photos and feel like the worst photographer ever. I would love to know more about your lens, settings, etc.

    1. Amanda, thank you and welcome! So glad you left a little note. I adore your blog already, I’ve only seen it for half a minute!

    1. Thank you Giselle! Um, if you ever want to unload that leopard bustier, let me know. And can I say that the fringe number on your About page is INCREDIBLE?!!!!! I am so envious. That is an amazing look. I’d rock it in a second flat.

  9. Hello, great outfit, love your hair!

    Thanks for dropping a thought on my last post. Please tell your sisters to come over and take a look and proof your point on heels… 🙂

    Hope your weekend is going well.


    1. Hi Colin! Welcome!

      I’m intrigued by your blog. I’m always interested in the male perspective of female fashion. I’ll be back, and I hope you will too.

  10. I was torn between leaving a comment on the Wikifashion post and this one. This one with the jumpsuit and leopard print won but the other rocks too so will go back and have another read of it now!

  11. Yay an awesome use of the leopard print 😉 I LOVE leopard print in small doses eg accessories or shoes etc….Love your bag and your earrings are ace too. I love the slouchy relaxed shape of the bag – supa cool indeed!x

  12. Miss ED
    Lady Noix

    Thank you for your kind words, my lovelies!

    Jonna—Thank you and welcome! Hey, following you on Twitter…love your background!

    Gaius/Aaron—Left a comment on your blog…I can’t see any follow buttons. Help!

  13. V, the first picture looks absolutely fantastic. Editorial/advertising campaign worthy I would even say. And you look gorgeous. Thanks again for doing this review, really loved it.

    Curious to see how your Topshop bag compares to the American Chic one.

    1. Thank you Irina! Glad you are happy with the review.

      Regarding the Topshop bag, we’re talking apples and oranges. The American Chic one is totally fun and looks great on, but the Topshop bag is soft leather and printed calf hair, with tote-style handles vs. a hobo—and it’s twice the price and then some. Also the colors are darker and suit my wardrobe a bit better. I always tend to go for leather, though I do have to say the American Chic bag is very attractive on. It’s eye-catching.

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