Creating a Page on Wikifashion

I am terrifically excited to be the August 1, 2010 featured article on Wikifashion. Wikifashion? If you haven’t heard of it, maybe you’ve seen Wikipedia, which is basically a big collaborative online encyclopedia. That means anyone can contribute to it. Wikifashion is the same thing, but exclusively for topics related to fashion.

Grit and Glamour featured on Wikifashion on August 1, 2010.

What is Wikifashion?

Wikifashion’s About page explains it beautifully:

Wikifashion is a way for fashion lovers to catalogue brands, designers, fashion shows and all things fashion in a highly effective and collaborative way. Wikifashion will allow fashion lovers and designers alike to update clothing from season to season and to enable access to the most up-to-date information on fashion.

All members of the fashion community- from fashion lovers to designers are encouraged to contribute and edit content.

Wikifashion is based in Brisbane, Australia and was founded by Madeline Veenstra (the fashion lover) and Coen Hyde (the techie).

Information that is contributed to this site, should remain unbiased and not include any form of advertising.

It’s been on my to-do list for a while, but I finally got around to creating a proper page for G&G on Wikifashion, which, admittedly, is not as simple as it may appear. I sent a tweet about it and Madeline Veenstra contacted me and said that she wanted to feature me on the site, and I was so flattered. (Thank you Madeline!) It is a great resource that fashion lovers and bloggers should support.

Since I knew I’d be featured, and having had some challenges in creating my own Wikifashion page, I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to spread the word about the site and as well as some tips (and code) for creating a page for your blog on Wikifashion.

Creating a Wikifashion Page

  • First, take a look at the page for Grit and Glamour on Wikifashion so you get some ideas for your own page. I also encourage you to explore other pages within the site.
  • Next, you’ll need to create an account and be given permission to upload files.
    Tip: To save yourself trouble later, make your username your blog name, the way you want to appear on the site.
  • Also take a look at the In-depth Manual and  Blogs Style Guide so you can get an idea of how the back-end works. These sections of the site will be very helpful as you develop your page or contribute to others.
  • Get into edit mode for your new page. Copy and paste the code below from my page into yours. I’ve left my copy fully-intact—be sure to replace relevant portions with your own info.{{Blog
    | name = Grit and Glamour
    | created = 2006
    | author = Vahni Georgoulakos
    | style = Fashion and lifestyle
    | image = [[Image:Gritandglamour3.jpg|frameless|center|250px]] | website = [] }}

    ==About Grit and Glamour==
    Grit and Glamour is a fashion and lifestyle blog by Vahni Georgoulakos. With wit and honesty, Vahni explores topics and trends in fashion and how they relate to her own personal style (and ever-growing shoe collection).

    ==About Vahni==
    Vahni is a professional writer and Web content manager with a Master’s Degree in English. She is a first-generation Greek-American from the southeastern U.S., who is also a contributor to:

    * [ Independent Fashion Bloggers] * [ In Their Closet] * [ Ask Miss A] *—[ International Style Examiner]

    ==Features and Coverage==
    [[File:Grazia_feature_GritandGlamour.jpg|frame|Blogger Vahni of Grit and Glamour in the November 23, 2009 issue of Grazia Australia.]] Grit and Glamour has been featured in the print edition of [[Grazia]], and was selected by Jennine Tamm for a Blogger Spotlight on [[Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB)]] in July 2010.

    On Vahni and Grit and Glamour, Jennine wrote, “Aside from her lovely and wearable style, beautiful photos, great life and style tips and pop culture, she’s also contributed great posts to IFB. We love her enthusiasm, knowledge and belief in the community.” Tamm, Jennine. Blogger Spotlight: Grit and Glamour. Independent Fashion Bloggers. []

    Additional coverage includes:

    * [ A Reflection by Tuesdai], July 8, 2010 featured blogger.
    * [–Glamour.aspx blog], June 10, 2010. Featured entrant in ”Are You the Next Beautiful Stranger?” blogger contest.
    * [–Glamour.aspx Jeffrey Campbell blog], June 1, 2010. Featured in “NEW STYLE ALERT: MUCHO. Are you a bootie, or a cuffed pump?”
    * [ Miss Vinyl Ahoy], May 2010 featured blogger.
    * [ Style Sample Magazine], November 2009. Featured in ” Holiday Shopping: What will YOU buy?”


    * [ Grit and Glamour on Bloglovin’] * Twitter: [ @gritandglamour] * In a reader: [ Subscribe to Grit and Glamour through RSS] * Email:[ ] * Ask a question: [ Grit and Glamour on Formspring]



    [[Category:Blogs of USA]]

  • Once you have permission to upload files, upload a photo for your page that is exactly 250 pixels wide. It will not automatically be re-sized for the info box on the right of your page. After uploading, grab the filename and replace my filename (in orange above) with yours.
  • If you don’t want as many subheadings, or want more, you can create more easily by copying and pasting relevant sections of the code above, or by simply deleting.
  • If you want to include additional images in the body of the page, you can. Read more about images and placement.
  • You can preview your page before publishing/saving. You can move pages to a new page if you mess up, but you can’t delete without special permission. Read more about deleting a page.
  • The key is to present accurate, factual information—like you’d find in an encyclopedia—about your blog. What you choose to list is totally up to you. I created my page on my own. If you choose to include your blog on Wikifashion, you decide what you are comfortable sharing with the world.


  1. Thanks, this is so informative. I def want to make a page for my blog soon, hopefully next weekend! I checked yours out, and I feel like this is just a good resource to have.

    xoxo, Ashley

  2. HAHA I agree with Beverly! Girl, you can do it all!! There are not enough hours in a day!

    I am going to work on this tomorrow, I will let you know if your tips come in handy 😉

    xo Lynzy

    1. Lynzy, so proud of you for tackling your page, pronto! have seen it on Wikifashion and I am so elated that my code helped you!

  3. I saw your tweet about this the other day and tried to set up my own page, but it was sooo confusing! I’m going to try again now thanks to all your great advice!

    1. Leia, I saw your tweet about your new Wikifashion page, and I am also beaming with pride, especially since you were having difficulties before. So glad you overcame them! Yay!

  4. Fantastic post, Vahni! I never knew about this, but your explanation of it is so clear, your instructions on how to edit and update your page so clear and concise. I’ll definitely be setting up one of these myself, soon!


    1. Thanks, Ashe, let me know how it goes, OK? Two of my readers have already created pages using my code, so it should be pretty easy. Good luck! Thanks for your comment.

  5. I love that you share the love and don’t miss a thing/detail when doing so!!! Very Concise! Congrats on being featured today!!! Happy August to you dear!

    I loved your leopard post too! I’m looking forward to next season to dig out my leopard pieces!!! Love!


    1. Thank you lovely…for your comment here and about the leopard post. That makes two of us who are looking forward to lots of leopard.

  6. Hi V,

    Wow that is such an amazing post 🙂 thank you so much! Your explanation is so beautifully put. Within the next few months we will have a complete redesign (& forum) with a new wiki editor which will (fingers crossed) make it a lot easier for everyone to use 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great weekend lovely.


    1. Thank you, Maddy, and thank you especially for shining your spotlight on me! Looking forward to the new wiki editor. Wiki pages are organic and need to be fed regularly, so I have no doubt I will enjoy test-driving the new system once it debuts.

      Thank you again for featuring me and for your comment.

      PS: Two of my regular readers have successfully created new Wikifashion pages using my tips…yay! They work!

  7. Congrats on the feature doll, you deserve it 😀 and thanks for all the pointers, i would definitely have a look see :), enjoy your weekend darling, XOXO

  8. I had not heard about this. Thanks for letting us know and giving us so much information. It looks like a great place I’ll have to check out. =) I hope your weekend is going well.

  9. Kudos on the feature, chica! i know i have a tendency to always gush about how inspiring you are, this post alone justifies my blog girl crush on ya (i know i’m not the only one either).
    i can’t tell you how very much appreciated it is that you share your discoveries/thoughts/ideas with the rest of the blogging world. being knowledgeable is one thing, but empowering others to be just as knowledgeable is what makes you a leader. and a very good one at that!
    i had seen Wikifashion page gadgets on a couple of other blog homepages in the recent past, but initially looking into the site itself had me scratching my head and walking away frustrated. now, after reading this blog entry with its provided detailed outline, i am encouraged to readdress my technical handicaps!

    1. Thanks Daisy, and thanks again for the recent shout out on your blog. I’m happy to share what I’ve learned. Why not? I wouldn’t be where I am today if people hadn’t also shared their knowledge with me. It’s the right thing to do. But I appreciate you noticing and acknowledging my efforts. Thanks sugar!

  10. I had not heard of wikifashion. Let me explore it. Thanks for the info.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I can relate to what you said about friends and friendships. I really really can empathize.

    1. Thank you Kiran…did you ever get your page set up?

      And I couldn’t help by comment on your blog. Your last post was very thought-provoking.

  11. I did read your tweet about it. I will give it a shot as soon as I get a minute. Your post looks like a good place to start! 🙂 Thanks for the pointers!!!

  12. Such a helpful post. Was checking out Wikifashion when I saw the Fabulous Fashion Butter had a widget on her blog page. When I get a moment (not anytime soon) I’ll come back HERE to learn how to post THERE. thanks for the helpful tips!

  13. Wow you are very generous to us – i saw the wikifashion site and it looked too complicated to me but you actually took the time to explain it all ^^ Cheers and get some sleep missy 😉

  14. Oh that’s so awesome i didn’t know about this site! I’m going to have to check it out this week! Cant wait to see yours!!
    xo M

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    1. Kim…I’m happy for you to reproduce the copy I’ve already written about this here. I’ll pop over to your blog and submit.

      Thanks for the compliment and the invitation…I think it’s a great idea! The Internet was instrumental in helping me understand some aspects of the process, but there were still SO many unanswered questions. I think it’s a wonderful idea to share knowledge that will help others.

  16. Um just one question, i made my wikifashion page etc but how do I put a badge on my blog?
    thats the thing which confuses me :/
    help would be appreciated

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