StyleLust: BCBG Fall 2010 Accessories

Thank you BCBG for mailing me not one, but two Fall 2010 Accessories catalogs. You are irresistible with your knuckle dusters and hematite and black leather. I am haunted. And I bet now, dear reader, you are haunted too.


  1. So BCBG sent you TWO catalogs?? Oh no they didn’t!!
    But wait – now you are sharing these drool-worthy accessory snippets with the rest of us!?

    I’ve done like 5 scroll-ups and scroll-downs already!! Oh no YOU didn’t, lol.

    I’m with Ms. Marchmusings on this one. Can’t wait to see what your paycheck leftovers bring 😀


    1. HAAAAAA!!! Y’all are cracking me up. Paycheck leftovers are bringing me three rings from above. Wanted one of the belts too, but it’s not available yet. Next check then. Can’t wait!

      Thanks for your comment, doll!

  2. Ummm can we start Fall like now? Leather, chains and studs are what my dreams are made of. My darkest dreams of course! I love all of this! How does one choose from such wonder?


  3. V, thanks so much for coming round ;D. My comp functions ok-ish but will still crash twice for every time I successfully start windows… Re: your follow-up to I heart blogs post: I love it, very well put indeed… I love how eloquently you express what many of us feel! Now… how much can I offer to buy one of those catalogs off you?!

    1. Miss ED, thanks so much! I am so flattered.

      So, I put the link to the online catalog in the post above. If you still want a printed version, I’m happy to mail you one! You should register on the site…I think they might send them to you if you do that as well. But seriously, if you want the spare, I can pop it in the mail to you. Let me know.

      1. I went on the site immediately, and requested a catalog, though I’m not sure when it will arrive or if it will be the same one! 🙁 would you still send it over? I would really appreciate that, 😀

  4. Avital, Leia, Stacey, Karolina, Elisa—Thank you for your comments! I think we all agree that the coming season’s accessories and shoes at BCBG are amazing! Do let me know if any of you purchase and do an outfit post!

  5. I am loving their shoes. I do not know why I am always drawn towards shoes. Hmmmm! Need to go get that ‘extra’ rack husband was talkin about! Haha 😛

  6. Sarah, Tanvi, Daisy, Mish—I know, the shoes, the studs! BCBG had really stepped it up. And I guess it’s safe to say we ALL like what we see. Thanks for your comments, lovelies.

    1. OMG….me too! The Zoe. I just finished writing her into my planner since the new season kicks off August 3rd. Yes I’m a nerd like that. I write my shows down when they first start, otherwise I get carried away blogging and forget to watch!

  7. Dear V,

    Please don’t post anymore pictures of drool-worthy shoes. My wallet can’t take any more abuse. (well, any more than I already subject it to.)


    1. My apologies, Cher. That was cruel of me. Especially since you’ve already been subjected to all manners of torture by email. Sorry, hon! So shall we start looking for a shoeaholics 12-step program?

  8. Audrey—Man, aren’t they HOT! Dying to see them in person. I think. I love the bootie with the studs. Amazing.

    Lady Noix—Welcome to the dark side, sweetness. There are definitely enough studs, chains, and spikes in that catalog to tempt me, that I know. The purchase is on the way and on the blog soon. Stay tuned.

    GGG—I know, the epaulets are sick. I have fretted over them! I should just get them. I have at least three shirts I can wear them with. No problem about the watch scoop. The one you grabbed looks just as nice, and when the gold wears off, it’s no biggie, right?!

    TGOC—Hello loves! I checked you out. Get yourselves on Bloglovin’ and Twitter and make sure you put badges for each in your right rail. And then let me know, OK? That way I can keep up with you.

  9. Argh! First I received their newsletter and now you’re blogging about it! How am I supposed to resist this temptation? Too bad they don’t ship outside the US. No, I think that actually might be better for me & my financial situation 😉 Though I do like how BCBG regularly has 30% OFF promos for their online shop and wouldn’t mind ordering 1-2 items.

    1. I don’t know how you’re supposed to resist, Irina. I sure couldn’t! You know I’m always here to run mail interference for you if you want. Just say the word.

    1. Shari, thank you! Welcome, and I am so glad to meet you. Glad to follow you and thankful you like me enough to follow me too.

      Talk soon!

    1. Hi Alison, welcome! I’m with you on the shoe love.

      So glad you stopped by and commented I am CRAZY about your blog. Cause what I need is more lingerie.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Heather. I like that shot too. And I like it even more since it’s a faux anima head.

      Hmmm. Maybe that’s exactly what I need for storing all my big honkin’ statement necklaces!

  10. I’ve admired BCBG for so many years, I always thought they had amazing styling in their lookbooks, especially they always did nice suits. They still do pretty cool stuff even if they are moving in a more trendier direction now. But then when I go into the store, it’s all wayyy to big! Breaks my heart.
    My favorite looks, I like the white collared shirt underneath the black sweater with the huge rhinestone necklace. Also that black leather stud belt is so tempting. I have the previous version of that belt with black and gold studs. I like the Natalli Brilli vibe of the all leather one.

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