WVW: Cheap Sunglasses*

I’ve been hiding out lately, have you noticed? Been hiding from the world behind these fab new cheap sunnies. I haven’t been feeling myself; there’s drama in a galaxy near mine; two people in my life I am trying so hard to escape popped up again this week; and the heat and humidity in my ‘hood is oppressive, and that might be understating the situation. For the record, I. HATE. HEAT. So I’ve been reeeeeeealllly cranky lately.

Anyway, crankypants and all, I finally emerged today feeling a wee bit better, especially when I wore this to breakfast and the following occurred:

I’m sitting in IHOP. Dang, is their air con busted or something? I’m sweltering. Like, visibly sweating. I’m contemplating skipping brekky altogether. We’re waiting forever for a table. I’m whinging about the heat and the drama and the unwanted person circling my life. People are coming and going. I decide to shut up and amuse myself with Twitter and my iPhone battery dies. Yeah.

The tiniest, frailest elderly woman starts to shuffle by me with a cane, her equally tiny, frail hubby holding her oxygen tank. (Hmmm. OK, I should be grateful for my current situation, based on that alone.) I’m sitting on a bench to her right, legs crossed. It’s close quarters, and did I mention it’s hot?

She stops and turns to me and slowly asks, ” How high are those heels?”

“I’m guessing about five inches,” I respond. A hint of a smile might be forming on Ms. Crankypants’ face.

She begins to shuffle off. Was that the punchline? I’m thinking, OOOOOOOO.K.

“Well, they are gorgeous,” she says before finally shuffling out the door.

Ms. Crankypants finally feels the heat a little less. She smiles. The Gucci does it every time, she thinks. She eats blintzes and is significantly less insufferable than when she first walked in. She goes home and shoots photos and resumes her role as a personal fashion blogger. But the sunnies stay. The end.

*WVW = What V Wore
$15 sunglasses from a kiosk in the mall, Banana Republic safari shirt, Fossil belt, Kookai skirt, Gucci bamboo platform sandals,
LOFT leather clutch. On fingernails: OPI Louvre Me Louvre Me Not.


  1. Haha! It is so true … Compliments can make a day seem so much better. I have had that experience a few times. But you do look gorgeous. I like the effect of the photos … It kinda takes the ‘heat’ away and makes them look vintage-y 🙂 Hope you had a good weekend. P.S. I just had a big bowl of ice cream to cool down. Landed back in Texas!

    1. Tanvi—Thanks, glad you like the shots. Notice I’m in the shade?! The photo editing did take the heat out of the pictures, but not the South, unfortunately. I’ve been hibernating inside ever since!

  2. Melissa, Bella, Celine—Thank you so much ladies! Good thing there wasn’t a cranky-meter on me today. It would have gone as high as the thermometer was when I was outside taking those shots! Seriously, though, thank you for your sweet compliments!

    1. Oh. My. God. I literally laughed out loud when I read your comment! Hysterical.

      Of course I go to IHOP. In my Gucci. It’s one of America’s chain restaurant jewels!

  3. lady, you are quite the looker<3. these photos are great and the lighting is fantastic. and PS, don't you just love underlining snared comments.

    and thank you again and again for your advice. It has helped me in the biggest way. you've created quite the phenomenon.


    1. Woweee! Thank you Christina. I don’t know about a phenomenon, but I’m elated you got something out of my IFB vlog.

      Thank you so much for your sweet words! I left you a comment on your blog…now it’s my turn to pick your brain…

  4. I can hop on a plane at a moments notice and take those people out. Just say the word.

    Heat or no heat, you are looking great. I’m glad YOU”RE back.


      Would ya, could ya? I so wish you could get our your mammoth Magic Rub and just erase them right out of my notebook.

      Thanks for the compliment, babe. I’m drinking a Michelob Ultra and smiling as I type. Hope you’re feeling better too. Here’s to a better week!

  5. LOL such a great post! What can I say, even when you are cranky you look good honey! I love your outfit, almost as much as the image of you and the elderly couple, oxygentank and all haha! <3

    xx Anika

  6. Nadalyn, Ms. March, Julia—Thanks ladies! I appreciate your kind words!

    Anika—Thanks for the shout, love! Will be in touch. I got your email…just swamped at the moment.

  7. neat story. i often enjoy getting interesting comments about my footwear. and i will tell you- i am not currently a fan of summer heat, either, i get beyond irritable! after more than a decade in the hot & sunny caribbean, i’m kind of over summer. well, for a while anyway. 🙂
    i LOVE this outfit. timeless yet cool. those are some gorgeous heels.
    thanks for such nice comments on my blog, by the way. xo

    1. Stephanie, thank you so much. I’m glad we’re chatting on Twitter, too. May the convo continue! Welcome back to the South!

  8. Aw, that story made me smile! (Except for the bits about the heat and the drama. I’m sorry about those!) And I love, love, love this look! The sunnies are so chic, the shoes are amazing and you’re just gorgeous. (:

  9. Haha, I ended up loving my cheaper aviators from the grocery store more than my Ray Bans! For some reason, I feel less stressed out wearing cheaper sunglasses, especially when I’m walking around outside. I’m always scared something is going to “happen” to the nicer ones, so I usually only wear them in the car.

    And those shoes are absolutely lovely!

    Classy and Delicious

  10. V, that outfit is perfection head to toe! I really like the belt on your waist. I’m totally fashion-clueless but I’m slooowly learning how to accessorize and I’ll keep that idea in mind. 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon, I live in Singapore and know how you’re feeling, the heat here absolutely kills me. 😛

    P.S. I stumbled upon your blog the other day and I’m so happy I did, your blog is so much fun! Still in the midst of going thru your archives! 🙂

  11. Casee Marie, Erica Belle, Sarah D—Now how could there possibly be anymore crankypants attitude left after your sweet comments? Thank you so very much.

    Renee—Thank you and I’m so glad you found me. Love your blog! Will be checking you out too!

  12. Haha! The Ms Crankypants made me giggle… my brothers like to tease me by calling me “Whiney the Pooh” when I’m being unbearably moody!

    Isn’t it so nice to get a compliment? I try to compliment people in real life whenever I can, because I know how it can really turn your day around, especially if you’re not in the best mood.

    I think I’m in that same cranky mood in the winter time. I loooove heat, and can’t staaand cold! So living in London for 4 years wasn’t really the best choice for me; at LEAST 6 months out of the year it’s unbearably cold and windy and miserable. Ah well, I’m sure when I’m living in New Delhi and the summers are 40ºC+ I’ll be longing for those days again, haha!

    In any case, you look gorgeous. I love what you’re wearing. 🙂

  13. Don’t hide out anymore. You look lovely here. I actually didn’t even recognize you in the first shot. I love how it is slightly over-exposed so you seem to be glowing. Lovely.

  14. Leia—Thanks for your comment, hon! I think any extreme for a prolonged period is too much for anyone.

    Keith, Piper, Luxurious, Katy—Thank you all for your wishes and flattery. You know I am so grateful for your readership!

  15. Oh, lady, I’m with Bev on taking those peeps out. With an MK60 Rambo stylee please! Ha ha!

    I love that you look fabulous despite feeling cranky – it don’t show girl!

    btw – there’s something winging it’s way over to make ya feel tons better darl!

  16. Omg I love your little breakfast story! So funny! And you look great in your gucci’s, and cheap sunnies! BTW I have a little trick to get those unwanted persons out of your life, write their name on a piece of paper and put it in your freezer. Someone JUST told me about this on Friday. They say (whoever they are) that it sends unwanted people out of your life peacefully with no harm done. Its prob worth a shot!!

  17. Hold on, Woman! Will they get gone soon? ‘Cause maybe Bev, A Brit Geek, and I can go all Charlie’s Angels and get them gone for good.

    ‘Love the beautiful lighting and fashion (and you, of course) in these shots.

  18. Ms. Brit, A-Dubs—I’m liking this picture. A trifecta of angels. Vahni’s Angels: Beverly, Ms. Brit, and A-Dubs. Nice. Is Wednesday too soon for you to be here? Actually, your services won’t be necessary. Keep reading.

    Monique—I love your advice! Only I took it a step further. I wrote the names on paper in waterproof marker and put them in a ziploc bag filled with water, then froze them. I promise I’m not doing voodoo. But it really made me feel good to think that I am freezing them out of my life. Every time I open the freezer, I see my little frozen bag and I actually feel a little better. Kind of like I put that anxiety in the freezer and stopped it from getting to me. Thank you for sharing that fun and crazy little tip!

  19. Great story!! You are such an engaging writer. I totally understand the concept of hiding out but when you look that good in those sexy shades and killer heels I say work it!! The compliment from the elderly woman is adorable. My grandma has an enviable shoe collection that she would still wear if she could. I only wish I was one shoe size smaller! You look gorgeous. I love the colour on your nails as well! xx

  20. I depend on big sunglasses to keep my face hidden and stay stylish when I can’t quite face the world. Don’t know what I’d do without them! Hope everything works out for the best with your friends.

  21. Amanda—Welcome, sugar, and thank you!

    Brooke—Thank you sweetie. You are always so kind. I think the same thing when I read your posts!

    Paxie—Thank you! Will have to check out your giveaway. Thanks for stopping by.

    LaToya—Thank you my dear. And I love how you remixed your cargos on your blog.

    Becca—Thanks! Sunnies are a great and highly functional accessory, I agree.

  22. That old lady has not lost her marbles, those shoes are ace. I love hiding behind glasses too – not only does it give you style but you can contemplate the world from your own little tower ! keep on smilin’ 😉 x

    1. Ha! Thanks Lady. Sunnies are good for hiding and making your self really scary or really mysterious. I kinda like that too.

  23. I am sitting in my office at work. The door is open. I should be working on a proposal, and instead I am catching up on some blog reading.

    One of my colleagues just stopped by to see if I was OK because they could hear me laughing FAIRLY loudly.

    I LOVE this post. The way you described the encounter with the IHOP lady was perfect. Although I wonder if I might do the same thing if i saw someone in those fab GUCCI heels sitting in my IHOP. Things like that don’t happen in Cleveland, Ohio!

    1. Ha! Your comment made me feel so great! I love that you laughed out loud. Awesome.

      Thanks for your readership and comment. I sincerely appreciate both!

  24. Thank you again for the award and I am sincerely sorry about mixing up your name. I thought I had read that somewhere. I apologize and it has been fixed on the blog. Thanks again.

    1. Hey, no problem! I once had a Victoria comment on my blog…maybe that’s how you made the connection. Thanks for fixing it!

  25. Oh no. I was reading your story and cringing until I got to the end! Yay for happy endings! I’m glad that lady liked your fabulous heels. 😛 Isn’t it cool how such a random compliment for a random stranger can really change your mood?
    You look fantastic in these photos too, by the way. 🙂

    PS. Thank you for being such a wondeful bloggy friend. It means a lot to me. I heart you! xo
    PPS. I hope you’re having a better week!

    1. Hi Jennifer, thank you! I’m glad you felt lots of love over at your blog this week, and I hope you are feeling better. Do contact me if you ever want to chat about anything I wrote.

    1. Hello MC! Welcome, sugar! It is always good to get over one’s bad mood, I agree. So glad you discovered me so I could discover you.

    1. Rachel, you are so, so kind. Thank you! I have to say that the feeling is quite mutual. You are such a gorgeous woman and your photos…I’m in love.

  26. OMG – I love the Gucci sandals! I don’t think I have come across a color quite like that before. Awesome! Lovin the site – BTW 🙂


    1. Kristin, thank you! Of course…I’d be stupid not to enter THAT giveaway! Thanks for always commenting and connecting. Love it.

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