WVW: City Beachy Ghetto Fab*

As I’ve mentioned before, I occasionally throw a bikini top in with my streetwear. Today, I’m a hybrid of beachy, ghetto fab on top, and city rocker on the bottom.

Gold? Check. A full face of makeup? Check. Neon nails? Check. Total over-the-topness? Check. Consider this an early, blingtastic homage to Jersey Shore, Miami edition—minus the tan, and in the country. Sort of. (Yes, I am that vacuous—at least in terms of what I watch on telly.)

I have actually worn this outfit to the mall to shop. No joke. And I’ve worn it to the pool, sans leggings. With the gold, too. I wish the top was a full-length kaftan, though. Obsessed with those. If only I could have a closet full of them. I will one day. When I’m 80.

*WVW = What V Wore
Cover-up from Target, Old Navy bikini top, Celsius ruched leggings, vintage gold chain necklaces,
Beachcombers glass bangles,
Michael Kors sandals, Orly Hot Shot on nails.


  1. Mmh so this “Urban Beachy” cocktail can sound as (slightly) “baroque” as (powerfully) “SEXYness-issime”, AND I have to say that Here I especially like this glossy triptych of “Flashy GLAM” next to your lips, your hands and your toes Dear !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. I think I need to get me some neon pink!!! I love the fun flashes of color. Once again I’m completely inspired by the way you mix and match pieces in ways I could never imagine. Looking hot!! I’m adding this to my inspirations asap. Have a lovely Sunday! xx

  3. i wear bikini tops under my clothes during the summer too!! i love the top. i can totally picture you wearing it to the pool without leggings. i love that your bikini, nails and lipstick match.

    1. Thanks Kristy…I do recall seeing you in one for your LUST shoot. I love wearing either bright orange nails/lips or fuchsia….my faves.

  4. You look F-A-B! I love the way the lips, bikini top, and nails all pop. And I’m obsessed with kaftans, too… they’re so comfy. If only they were more flattering, I’d wear them every day!

  5. Over the top, and right on time.

    My favorite element is the shot of hot color in your “bra” and the lipstick with the golds, creams and browns. seeeeexxxy. ghetto fabulous meets ’70’s hippy meets major milf lady. Oh, and I see you’ve got your fingernails sizzling. I was discracted by the bikini top. A+

    1. Thank you Bella! I’m crazy with the nails. You might need to watch my Friend Friday vlog on nails if you haven’t. I’m pretty obsessed. Gone is the neon…today I painted them Lincoln Park After Midnight, a moody, deep metallic aubergine. Who knows what ensembles will be prompted by this shade…I actually do plan outfits around the color of my nails. I hate clashes.

    1. Well, hello Johanna! Nice to meet you too! Thanks for popping by. I’m following you on Twitter, so hope we can chat there!

    1. Lee, you’re a doll! Please, tell me again! Just kidding. Thank you so much for the compliment. Popping over to see what you’ve been up to now…

  6. You fantastic as always! I’m loving this caftan! The leopard print is great!! And the MK’s look great on you! I’m kinda sad i sold mine now! 🙁

    1. Thanks Keith…you are a dear. Hope you had a great weekend yourself. Loved your post on the real women of times past. I’m a fan.

  7. I love love love your outfit how everything goes so well together!!!! it’s too fab!!! and I know you would loove the caftan I got the other day it will end up on my blog soon (I hope) so you can see it =)

    1. Thanks Jennine! Still thinking about that Norwegian Wood necklace of yours…that isn’t currently available! Boo. Thanks for stopping by!

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