Friend Friday: In My Closet

Yay! It’s Friend Friday!*

This week, Katy wrote: “…most of us don’t have an unlimited budget [so] we’ve got to be creative with the mixing and matching to create new outfits all the time…let’s talk about that.”

And she asked:

1. What’s your most versatile piece of clothing? How do you wear it?
2. What one piece should every woman own?
3. What Summer trends do you love because of their versatility?
4. What’s the most creative combination you’ve put together from your closet?
5. If you had the guts what items would you pair and then wear out in public?

*The Friend Friday project by Modly Chic is a way for bloggers to share more about themselves and create a friendly connection with other bloggers. Katy of Modly Chic sends us questions weekly, and we answer on our blogs.


  1. I Love wedges too, they are chic and are easy on uneven pavements :)), another FABULOUS vlog by the fantabulous V, happy friday sweetie :). XOXO, j

    1. Thank you Jemina. You are a wonder, you know that? You’re omnipresent. Incredible!

      Yes, forgot to mention that, but you’re right. Wedges are brilliant for managing uneven terrain!

      XOXO to you too doll.

  2. great closet., and great quotes, especially your take on stipper wear, lol.
    I’m hearing an accent in that stylish throat of yours…are you a Southerner? Laced with charm, especially when you say, “stripper wear, if it’s done right.”

    1. Thanks Bella!

      Yes, I’m Southern by geography. I grew up in the South, and although my parents are immigrants, I’m this weird mix of Greek, American, and Southern—with a a few English and Aussie expressions thrown in. I also responded to you about this in yesterday’s post.

      You know that movie Steel Magnolias? It’s an accurate depiction of Southern women and life. Don’t know if you are Southern, or know the South, but Southern ladies are bedrock on the inside, even when they seem fragile on the outside. They have an enchanting way with words, too—they can wrap the ugly truth in a colloquialism so lovely, you’d think it was a compliment. The thing I missed most when I was overseas was black Southern vernacular, I must admit. A “honey,’ or a “chile,” or a “have a blessed day,” always warms my heart. There’s a lovely cashier at the local Bi-Lo I’d like to pay to talk to me all day long. She is just so sweet. And her accent! Ah…to die for.

  3. You make the best, most eloquent vlogs. They’re so enjoyable to watch.

    For years I hated wedges. Then I found one pair I liked–then another. Now I look out for them regularly. They really are a fantastic wardrobe pieces.

    1. Thank you Ashe! Sometimes I wonder, what in the HELL am I doing?! But you know, at my age, I’ve come to terms with a lot. I am what I am. I’m not perfect. And that gives me a ton of wiggle room.

      Yeah, I’ve had a bit of a love/hate with wedges too. But the ones these days…um, they’ve come a long way, baby! I’m with you. Lately, I’ve been wedge obsessed.

  4. Ha, once again a great vlog, V. Loved to see your closet, wish I had a walk-in closet as well. Here in Germany it’s very uncommon to have one 🙁

    Also loved the message not to put yourself in a box and be restrictive about your own style. So true! <3

    Have a happy weekend,

    1. Thank you Irina!

      I am lucky to have a decent closet in my house. But my future house will have an entire room. Just so my clothes can have some room to breathe, you know? My closet is jammed. I actually have two closets. And a huge dresser. Since I’m not having kids, then I think a spare room should be dedicated to the preservation of all my things for my three-year-old niece. She’s getting it all!

      Happy weekend sweetie. Talk soon.

    1. Aw, thanks so much! Some days I feel so silly doing them. Knowing they are well-received makes such a huge difference!

    1. Thanks Piper! It’s true. that vest makes everything look cool. I get so many compliments on it. It was the best thing I got in Australia besides my strapping hubby!

  5. I completely agree V, a black pencil skirt is a staple for any wardrobe. Also the cut of the skirt is great for most body types.
    I’m new to your blog and very happy I found you.
    xo Mish

    1. Mish…thank you, love, and welcome! I’m diggin’ your blog too. I hope you’ll register with Bloglovin’ so I can follow you there.

  6. I LOVE friend fridays and I LOVE watching your vlogs! It feels like I’m right there in the room chatting with you. You have such a pretty & organised closet (and it looked like you’ve trimmed your hair! It looks prettyyy)

    Sadly, I’m not as daring as you and I DO put myself in a box. I was raised in quite a conservative country and I still shy away from hemlines that are too short or tops that are too cleavage-y. I also really can’t deal with the way pervy men look at you when you’re dressed like that! But I try to work within those restrictions and play with fabrics/textures/colors/patterns etc. so that my style isn’t *too* repetitive…

    Oh, and I have a black jersey skirt as well and it gets SO much wear! Definitely a style staple 🙂

    1. You are such a dear, Leia, you really are. Thank you so very much.

      I did trim my hair a wee bit…you’re very observant! Thank you for the compliment on it. I love my long hair. I hope it stays with me for a good, long time, too!

      I understand the conservative nature of some countries and ethnicities; it’s not altogether a bad thing, as you noted, with all the “pervy” men out there. But you in the traditional dress of your culture…that is exotic, mysterious beauty, sweetheart. Which is far more intoxicating and interesting than letting it all hang out. Your experiences have made you what you are. I love the propriety—the hospitality—I’ve read about in your posts and seen in your photos. That is actually very much how Greeks are as well. Given the slow, tragic death of social graces in the States and other English-speaking countries, it is a breath of fresh air to see women like you observe the customs of their countries and not be so revealing. We could all take a cue from you, we really could.

  7. Thanks for taking us into your closet!! I always find myself with a smile on my face after watching one of your vlogs. The stripper wear comment might have made my day. I completely agree that wedges are an amazing and versatile summer trend. They’ve been my saving grace through wedding season and have come to my rescue through the grass, sand and even loose gravel. Can’t wait until the next installment! xx

    1. Thank you so much Brooke! I’ve been reading some of the other Friend Friday posts, and the wedge has been a common answer. We all love them for exactly the reasons you mentioned above.

      Thanks for always being so kind and supportive!

    1. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Of course, B. To cover your room and board, you must either shake the martinis or stuff the olives. Your choice.

    1. Jump in Erica! The link is there. Get on Katy’s list. I hope you do some vlogs…no one else is right now.

      Thanks for your comment, hon!

  8. You have an amazing wardrobe! I am with you on the black pencil skirt – such a great versatile piece of clothing, I have my eye on a McQ one at the moment which would be a great addition to my wardrobe!

    1. H, now you’re speaking my language. McQ?! Great addition indeed. Snap it up ‘fore it gets gone, honey!

      Thank you for your kind words!

    1. Oh my, Lisa, thank you so very much! And thank you for your comment. Please do come back!

      I loved your latest post on Jenna Lyons, by the way. Following you on Twitter. Hope we can chat there too!

  9. V, if the whole writing/blogging thing doesn’t work out, you need to go into sales! I bet you could convince even Samantha Ronson that she needs a black pencil skirt. Great vlog. 🙂

    1. HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Oh, that is hysterical. I love it. Thank you, sugar!

      I worked in retail for many years, during college. I was OK. My only problem (as I’ve admitted), is I loathe a**-kissing. But honestly, what really kept them coming back wasn’t my sales floor skills. They loved the thank you notes I wrote. Figures.

      I sincerely appreciate your humor, comments, and support. Have a fabulous weekend!

  10. I adore your vlogs.
    You’re stripperwear comment made me laugh out loud! I totally agree though, it’s all about what you pair together.
    I’m loving the lippy & nail polish you’re wearing…mind me asking what they are?
    You inspire me 🙂

    1. Thank you Julia! I’m glad people appreciate my silly off-the-cuff ramblings.

      OK, the lipstick is YSL Rouge Pur #52 Rosy Coral ( I love YSL lippies…they’re the brightest on the planet), and the polish is Orly Hot Shot. They’re both intensely vibrant coral. Would probably look sensational on you! If you can’t find them in NZ, let me know. I can get them for you here and mail them over.

      Oh, and I must add that I am haunted by the image of you in that leopard dress. The print, with your porcelain skin and red hair? I swear there is a redhead in me DYING to escape. Maybe one day.

      1. You’re a sweetheart! I can’t get them here but I have managed to find something similar 🙂
        I’m pleased you liked it, I’m in love with leopard at the moment!
        My natural hair is as dark as yours, my little brother is a natural redhead & I was always jealous so when I was 12 I dyed it red and it’s been various shades of red ever since!

        1. Cool!

          Well, I just love your hair. I’m telling ya, one day, I’m going to totally go for and shock the heck out of everyone! The shade you’ve got now is amazing. I love it.

  11. Hi, I love your blog! putting you on my blogroll 🙂 it`s inspiring to see you do vlogs, I`ve been wanting to do the same!

    friend friday is a lovely thing, I joined a few months back, but haven`t been able to do all the posts. look forward to reading you! xx

    1. Anika, thank you doll! I’m so glad to have discovered your blog too…I’ve added you to my Bloglovin’ list. Your confidence is infectious and I agree: kindness IS always fashionable.

      Talk to you soon.

  12. ‘Some fabulous appetite whetting outfits discussed here. Can’t wait to see ’em all on. Also, I love it: “Did I just say that? Stripper wear is OK. . . !”

    1. Can I just say I can tell you’re an academic, and God bless you? How I love the perfect punctuation. The accurate use of quotation marks. The correctly-placed apostrophe. The true ellipsis. The “whetting” instead of “wetting”…what a mess that would be. So first, I thank you for your English chops.The English major in me is squealing with delight!

      Second, thank you for comment and support…Shoe-A-Day, here. You’re so kind. I hope my wedges didn’t disappoint!

  13. — note to self: MUST find furry vest for this Fall —
    my inner hippie is yearning to be let out.
    i am really not a fan of Rachel Zoe, but i am a HUGE fan of Vahni who is as always inspiring. one of these days, you should do a post on your jewelry. the necklace you have on is a gorgeous piece.

    chica, your vlogs are so friggin’ addicting! more than trying to figure out how to put my Friday posts together, i’m here anticipating your vlogs. :o)
    *big hugs*

    1. My oh my, did you make my day or what?! Thanks love, for your sweet words.

      There are so many versions of the furry vest that have started coming out that I know you’ll be able to find one. I know you said you don’t like RZ, but she actually has some very reasonably-priced and good-looking faux fur vests for sale through QVC. The August issue of U.S. Elle also had a spread on faux fur. Real or faux, this is a piece you will seriously ADORE for seasons to come. Watch the September/October fashion mags…they’re sure to feature some.

      Hugs back to you, hon. Thanks for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment.

  14. Fabulous video!! All your clothes are so gorgeous, I am practically dying of jealousy right now. Especially loving that black vest — so perfect for almost any look!! Fantastic post!

    1. CC, thank you, doll! I laughed when I read your comment. That is one of the perks of living in down south. Our closets are ample, and don’t cost an arm and a leg in return!

  15. Loving the wedges!!! Oh and the peep toe sling back mules in the back – they kinda keep staring at me!!! Love!

    Also have a s/less fur gilet – so true about making an outfit instantly more hip/chic/boho! Sometimes i pull out my big floppy hats for an uber boho look too.

    Can’t wait to see what you’re going to wear @ Lada G’s concert girl!

    1. Thanks sugar…my, aren’t your eyes good?! To spot those peep-toe slingbacks? They’re my faves from Oz. And to think I almost didn’t buy them. Well, I didn’t. Then I made a special train ride all the way back to Bondi Junction to get them!

      I’m thinking this winter I’m going to invest in a floppy boho wool hat just like you’ve described. I was just gifted this brilliant pair of denim flares that would look so good with this vision we’re creating!

      That reminds me…I’d better get crackin’ on my Gaga ensemble!

  16. Just watched this vlog – thanks for sharing your fab closet – looks amazing! You really made me a little homesick for Australia pulling out some labels of old faves of mine and reminding me of clothes shopping down under.
    I went to the Gaga concert in London earlier this year wearing, would you believe – boots, sequin hotpants and a black mongolian gilet just like the one in your video!!

    1. Hi V. I’ve been meaning to say how much I love that your blog name includes the word taxonomy. Feeds the wannabe information architect and organization freak in me.

      Glad you enjoyed this video. It made me homesick for some of my favorite Aussie stores too! Hopefully I’ll get back early next year.

      And I LOVE your outfit idea for Gaga. I was thinking along the same lines, but now I just might have to go in that direction!

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

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