StyleShot: Dita Von Teese + JPG

I’m seeing a lot of the same images from the fall/winter 2010-2011 haute couture Paris shows floating around on blogs, but no one seems to be very interested in my favorite shots: Dita Von Teese as she appeared in Jean Paul Gaultier’s show.

Dita is my ultimate pin-up girl. I love her. And Dita+Gaultier is brilliance visualized. I love this bondagey corset she stripped down to in the show…probably because I tend to like pushing the envelope, and this appeals to the goth girl in me. I’m totally enthralled by the spine effect down the back.  Plus, what a body. Seriously.

All images by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Europe.


  1. Wow this is amazing. The detail on the back of the corset is brilliant. Such a captivating garment and a captivating woman. Dita has such presence and look at how tiny her waist is. Weooww!! Thanks for sharing these. xx

    1. She really does. That’s one reason I love her so much. She totally changed her life and persona, virtually erasing the not-so-nice images she shot prior to her life as Dita. In my book, she is a legend and an absolute inspiration.

  2. I love that this doesn’t feel contrived, like Dita and JPG just make sense. I’d love to see her modeling for one of his campaigns.

    xoxo, Ashley

  3. Hey V,
    I’m so square I had to google Dita to find out who she is. I got it now.
    As for the outfit, I will take mine in a medium please. Is the butt included?

  4. I had no idea Dita did this!

    She looks stunning.

    You are totally right about investing in little cardigans for work. That’s what I’ve been doing so far. Plus, it gets really drafty in an office!

    1. Aren’t we all? But that IS what a good corset will do, and why Dita wears them. They exaggerate that hourglass shape.

    1. Meg, I’m not sure if you’re asking me if I’m Portuguese or not…I can’t understand what you wrote, but I thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  5. Oh, I watched her entire “performance” on stage and it was intriguing and perfect for the theme of this runway show. She does look amazing – her confidence and poise is impressive.

  6. Thank you again to all of you who appreciated this post and left comments. Even if I didn’t respond to you directly, I am so thankful for your readership!

  7. Evita, Rebecca, Meg~

    Thank you so much for your commens and for checking me out! Hope to see your names here again soon!

  8. No, seriously, I just saw a pic of this and was floored, she looks so amazing! I love how the turban is completely modernized and extreme as the corset.

    1. Hi Harriet, welcome honey! I am so not surprised by your comment. That’s one of the many things I love about Dita. She maintains her refinement and poise no matter where she is or what she’s wearing. I love that she is “Dita” even in a little 50s style skirt and sandals at Coachella…it just proves it’s the woman that is so magnetic, not just the costumes and corsets.

      Thank you for your perspective!

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