WVW: Cutoffs and Gucci*

I’m a stalker.

No, not that kind, silly. I’m a bonafide, certifiably obsessed style stalker, and what I’ve been stalking this summer is cutoffs.

It’s taken me a while to find the right pair since  I don’t have any denim I’d dare take scissors to. Who knew it would be harder to find the right cutoffs than to find the right jeans? But, wow, trying to score a pair that’s not too short**, too long, too tight, too contrived, too dark, or too light? No easy task. And finding a pair that’s not too expensive? Even more challenging. Cause y’all are crazy if you think I’m paying $175 for a pair of cutoff Sevens. Please.

After trying on what seems like dozens of denim cutoffs, I finally found a pair at my favorite place for cheap thrills: Old Navy. And now I have my perfect summer-errand-running outfit…

*WVW=What V Wore
Banana Republic safari shirt, Old Navy leopard bikini top and cutoffs, Gucci bamboo platform sandals (happy birthday to me!),
Lucky Brand necklace and blue stone ring. Onyx ring…who knows. Sunnies, Target. Nail polish: OPI You Don’t Know Jacques.

**As much as I bought into Garance Doré’s manifesto on Hot Pants, and as ballsy as I am, I still don’t think it’s wise to throw caution to the wind and rock a cheeky pair in homage to Daisy Duke. Of course, Garance admitted she only wore hers because she wasn’t in Paris (or in the vicinity of anyone she knew), which is wise. I can’t imagine the level of embarrassment I’d feel if I ran into my priest with a slice of my bottom hanging out. And you know I would. Cause things always play out that way.


  1. Those cut offs fit you perfectly and I love that you got them at Old Navy. I have to admit that I took the scissors to a pair of Rock & Republics this year but only because they were capris of the wrong cut, fit, and length and I hadn’t worn them in two years. To make up for my guilt I wear them everyday!! Your styling is absolutely impeccable and I love your rings. I also can’t say enough about your Gucci sandals which are amazing and a very well deserved birthday present. xx

    1. Thanks Brooke…don’t blame you for doing the chop-chop on a pair that of jeans that weren’t working…the final results look fab on you!

  2. So know what you mean when you get obsessed with something and HAVE to get it! So glad you found the perfect pair – you work it well darl! Your working out all yr round has def paid off!!! Your legs look wicked!

    Plus what a great birthday treat!

    1. Aw, thanks doll!

      Funny…my family always frets about choosing presentsfor me. I tell them not to bother, that a good martini for my birthday suffices, because I treat myself very well!

  3. You look absolutely lovely! I’m still not brave enough to wear shorts of any length. I just grew up being taught that shorts aren’t clothes – they’re “underwear” – and it’s hard for me to break out of that mentality!

    1. Thanks Leia. I only just started wearing them again a couple years ago. I went off them for a while. Maybe now is the time to change things up and give them a whirl yourself!

  4. Actually I especially like the way Trendy denim shorts’ (striking) “Vavavooooooooooom-issime” vibrancy Here declines itself on such a subtle mode thanks to these stylish mixes, so “sexy / laid back exquisitenesss” !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  5. Meowwww, hawt hawt hawt, and happy birthday dearie
    and i’m with you on the daisy dukes situation, no way i would wear it in where i live LOL, btw, you should send these pictures to hypeed, they are having this shorts for summer contribution thing, i would definitely vote for you, this is perfect, XOXO

    1. Thank you Kristy! I’ve added some of your photos as inspirations on Hypeed as well. Your last round (LUST)…fantastic!

  6. I Love Old Navy for shorts and jeans- it’s pretty much the only store that makes some that actually fit my body.

    I would also like to borrow this outfit.

    1. Suze…so maybe you can’t borrow my outfit, but it’s pretty easy to recreate it yourself. Go for it!

      Thanks sweetie.

    1. Man, I so love Old Navy. I really do. It has its purpose, you know?

      Thanks about the jewelry…I’m kind of a statement jewelry addict. If I could only find a good way to store all those big necklaces and things!

    1. Ha!!! Thanks Cher. Worship away. But I can only take credit for snagging them. Frida gets props for designing them.

  7. ps : AAah Actually my posts’ English Translation is always staying just below the French text, in a grey tone Dear . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  8. You look amazing! I absolutely adore your look, and your denim cutoffs are fabulous!! I totally agree with you, though – it is *quite* difficult to find the perfect pair, see as if they are legitimate cutoffs the fit is usually awkward and too-tight, and your safest bets are super expensive! But these look amazing, I can’t believe you found them at Old Navy! ALSO….YOUR SHOES ARE FIERCE. I am a little bit jealous.



    1. Yeah, I usually don’t have a tough time finding clothes, but the cutoffs were an interesting endeavor. And I can’t believe I ended up finding them at Old Navy either.

      Glad everyone seconded my shoe choice. I actually wanted them in gray, but I love orange too and thought it would be a great diversion for me. I tend to buy very little in terms of colored shoes. But these grabbed me.

      Thanks for your comment Halie!

    1. Thank you Seforea! I checked out your blog…thank you for having a translator ready to go! Hope you’ll join Bloglovin’ so I can look you up there.

  9. Asolutely amazing shoes! Wow I wish I could afford those!
    These pictures are really good – whoever took them is an awesome photographer



    1. Thank you Chloe! I’m the model, stylist, photographer, writer, editor, Web content manager, and PR person for G&G. It’s all me (and my software) babe!

      Thanks for stopping by. You’ve got some really nice images on your blog as well.

  10. I just found your blog, and I love it! You’ve got a great sense of style.

    Are those shoes comfortable? They are such a quirky color and style, I love it! I really like Gucci’s products, especially their shoes (which don’t get nearly as much attention as they should, they had some great boots in the past few years).

    Classy and Delicious

    1. Thank you Erica! I love what I’ve seen of your blog too…the Chanel shoes? Girl after my own heart.

      The sandals are surprisingly comfy for how high they are. And they are quirky, huh? Maybe that’s why I elected to buy them; there’s just something about them on that really packs a wallop. They look amazing with that same shirt in the photos above, a wide cinch belt, and a black pencil skirt. I’m a major fan of Gucci, especially belts and shoes—they really hold up and I’ve found that like Prada, are worth the investment.

      So glad you stopped by and I thank you for your comment!

    1. Thank you Ms. March! I must admit the shorts were not only a bargain, but comfy! They’ll be perfect for the beach this weekend.

      Thanks for stopping by again!

    1. Hi Jasna, thanks! Glad you found me…looking forward to seeing more of South Africa and your amazing rings on your blog!

    1. Thank you so much Lucia! And thanks for visiting. Loved your post on Givenchy Couture. Dying for that collection!

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