Links à la Mode: IFB Weekly Roundup, June 24

Great roundup this week…and that’s not just because I’m on the list!

links a la mode

Fashion History, Doing it Yourself, and Breaking Stereotypes

Edited by: Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista

My first week editing the Links a`la Mode and it was such a pleasure to peruse the latest jewels from the blogosphere! Imagine viewing the history of fashion through the lens of a exhibition or a syllabus of what you wish was taught. How about taking inspiration from the latest Jeffery Campbell shoe and tricking out your own for less? Better yet, let’s talk about the “nude” trend and its color classification, and while we are at it, let’s question the newest movement in advertising campaigns: Unretouched and real beauty- a breakthrough or a publicity stunt? From fashion tips, finds, and favorite things, this week’s links a`la mode will satiate your hunger for full frontal fashion!

Links à la Mode: June 24th

  • Bay Area Style File Shoptalk: Stript Wax Bar
  • Bonne Vie Is “nude” a problem? Or just a color palette?
  • Fashion Butter How to deal with the girls (dressing a larger chest)
  • Fasshonaburu looks back at the fashion rules she set for herself at the beginning of the year to see how’s she’s done following them
  • Fish Tank Fashion Are “unretouched” and “real beauty” advertising campaigns just a publicity stunt?
  • Grit and Glamour Photography for the Amateur, Stagefright-Afflicted Blogger
  • Hello Beauty have a new makeup lesson video with the Bobbi Brown Beach Collection and Treatment Lip Shines on hello beauty! The lesson is by Bobbi Brown education executive Katrina Rau.
  • Intrinsically Florrie From 50s swimwear to an 18th century duchess’s wardrobe; a look at her college’s fashion exhibition
  • Living Embellished Take a course in Fashion History…you know, what you always wished your college offered!
  • Lovely & Lavish With the help of a stylish scarf you can transform an everyday getup into a chic outfit, Lovely & Lavish explores this season’s best accessory!
  • Meowsk Dressing for the playground, reminiscent of recess.
  • Miss Jones and Me Shares a Few of her Favorite Things
  • Miss Vinyl Ahoy DIY Jeffrey Campbell Tick shoes for under $20!
  • Profresh Style Combining prints & textures
  • Retro Chick Frock love: Hot picks from the world of reproduction vintage
  • Simply Luxurious Summer items to add to your wardrobe
  • Stylish Thought Everyone Loves a Quirky Girl: Examining quirky style and women who dress the part
  • The Coveted Under the Sea, Closeup view of Cynthia Rowley’s Resort 2011 Collection
  • The Curvy Fashionista The opening of Full Figured Fashion Week NYC 2010
  • Wicked Whimsy How to build up a versatile & comfortable array of shoes
  • Tog and Trappings Les flâneurie: How observation of life can inspire creativity


  1. Congrats on the IFB feature!
    I’m at work right now and I must say, I am so not in the mood to do anything today but read G&G. I’m thrilled your site does not using blogger or tumblr because the proxy here would have blocked it! I’m workin’ through your posts backwards. Let’s see how far I get before, god forbid, I am asked to do something else (like work) today! :o)

    I wanted to thank you again, chica, for the inspiration and support. Your post, “Photography for the Amateur, Stagefright-Afflicted Blogger, ” and another blogger who comments here have made me take a leap on something I had been teeter-tottering on for a few months now.
    Adding a style file to my blog.
    I am SO hesitant about doing this, but feel it’s time to take that plunge in order to move forward with my blog. I don’t think I’m very photogenic. BLAH! But, we’ll see how it goes…baby steps, yeah?

    Anywho, thank you for this loverly post on photography and the tidbits about picknik and everything else which has finally pushed me in the direction I need to go. I think I always knew it needed to happen.

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