WVW: Corsetry*

I’ve had this corset for more than a decade. It’s not something I wear often, but when I do, I like to temper the lingerie connotation by pairing it with a long-sleeved silk blouse underneath, or a tank top and wide-leg trousers. This piece on its own is very suggestive, and I’d only wear it that way for a swanky night out. Today I thought pairing it with a wifebeater and a sweet, long linen skirt would dial down some of the overtness. I rather like the result, which is kind of Victorian-meets-prairie-meets-contemporary.

I think the juxtaposition of a structured, boned corset over an untucked—and exposed—cotton undershirt, and the flowing skirt is what I love most about this ensemble. Demure ruffles hover above more corset detailing on the booties. There is hard and soft, a little angel and a little devil.

*WVW=What V Wore
Bebe corset, Banana Republic tank top, Old Navy linen skirt, Aldo lace-up booties.


  1. The corset fits you very well, exactly how a corset should fit a woman. Well done. Your boots are what I originally wanted to purchase but ended up buying my caged boots from J. Campbell. Brillant minds think alike!
    By the way, found out where OPI is sold near me. Thanks for that tip from your vlog. I have my list and going today after work.

    1. Thanks Beverly…of COURSE you almost bought the same shoes! Totally does not surprise me because most of the time, I’m pretty minimalist too. I think we have very similar taste.

      So glad you found the vlog tips helpful. Let me know what you end up buying/trying, and what your experience is, OK?

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