WVW: Western Wildflower*

So I guess I wasn’t kidding about more hat posts. That they are so close together, however, is utterly coincidental.

Today I ran home from work and threw on this sundress (and the flattest shoes you’ll ever see me in) because I was racing to make my nephew’s first swim meet. The hat was a necessity because the meet is obviously outside at the pool (and I don’t spend longer than 10 minutes outside without a hat on). Also, it was 100,000 degrees and humid out today, thus hair to the side (and off my back) and crisp white cotton was de rigeur. I had five minutes to spare and the look and the lighting came together, so I shot some photos. My favorite Aussie calls me Wildflower (one of our favorite Cult songs), and that’s what came to mind when I looked at these photos.

I made it just in time to see my gorgeous five-year-old nephew (aka the apple of my eye) swim across the pool in the meet, by himself. Mind you, he only learned to swim without floaties a little over a week ago. And he was the only one in his group to make it across the pool with no adult assistance. That’s my boy.

*WVW=What V Wore
Target hat, V.O.K. Australia dress, Arturo Chiang sandals.


  1. What a stunning dress – you look fab doll! Loving the Hat series too!

    I had a gorgeous hat (given to me by a friend) that i was saving for my entire travel up the east coast… I sadly left the hat on a train leaving Melbourne for Sydney, i was just too darn hung over to remember what i had with me – Melb’s bar/clubbing scene is just nuts right?


    1. Thank you Ms. Brit! Hate you lost a hat…no fun. Have to take your word for the Melb club scene. Haven’t experienced it…yet. One day!

      Stay well.

  2. hi!! thanks so much for your lovely comment!! i´m following you with bloglovin too! you have here a really nice blog, i would love to follow it =)

    love from Portugal

    1. Thank you as well Miranda. Love your blog. Every time I see the header photo, I smile. It’s so cheeky and so BRILLIANT!

    1. Aw, thank you hon! The setting is indeed serene, and happens to be my very own backyard. I love it. It’s got a little bit of everything: trees, flowers, wooded and open spaces, a little field, a fence, and lots of lovely little critters!

  3. thank you so much for the sweet comment and for following your blog. i love your blog, it’s awesome, the dress in this post is perfect for summer and your pictures are fabulous, i’m following your blog via bloglovin too, love, jemina, xoxo

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