StyleShot: Amanda Deer Jewelry and Design

Tiny Anchor Necklace, $19.

I love Twitter. It’s because of the little blue bird that I met a sweet little deer.

I discovered Amanda Deer Jewelry and Design after Amanda contacted me on Twitter, and I fell in love instantly. Not with Amanda—though she is quite a beauteous lass—no, I was charmed by her charms: a Tiny Anchor Necklace in gleaming gold, a Tiny Hand of Fatima. It’s worth mentioning that by nature I’m big, statement jewelry kind of girl. But something about Amanda’s dainty, handmade necklaces bewitched me, and I couldn’t wait to learn more about the Amanda behind the Deer.

Amanda not only indulged my questions, she graciously sent me that tiny gold anchor necklace, which I reviewed on In Their Closet. So hop over to read more and see photos. And to get your own, check out You can also follow Amanda Deer Jewelry and Design on Twitter@amandadeer.

Tell us how Amanda Deer Jewelry and Design came to be.

Amanda, of Amanda Deer.

I’ve always been infatuated with accessories, jewelry in particular.  You can wear a strand of pearls and instantly look sophisticated and chic.  You can throw on a statement necklace and heels to change an entire outfit!  It’s amazing what a little jewelry can do.

For years I would create my own pieces to wear or give to friends – deconstructing and reassembling pieces I bought in the store or finding new ways to re-work vintage jewelry.  Finally, after persistent encouragement from my husband and my friends, last year I decided to start a business to share my designs with the rest of the world.

What challenges have you faced in getting your designs from concept to reality?
Some of the biggest challenges happen behind the scenes.  It can be hard to find consistent vendors who deliver perfect products every time.  I work with a lot of different vendors from all over the world for different pieces in my line and sometimes what you see in a photo isn’t what shows up in your final order.  It just takes patience and finding good vendors you trust.

I love your brandmark/logo. What’s the significance of the deer?
I literally love deer!  My husband and used to live in a gorgeous townhouse overlooking a nature preserve in Austin, Texas. Deer would just walk up to our back door all the time, looking for food or just sniffing around. I would photograph them and sometimes sneak them a little bread. So, I took my favorite animal and my first name and combined them to create my jewelry brand—Amanda Deer.

Most women tend to have a favorite piece of jewelry, and it usually has a story behind it or some sentimental value. Will you tell us about a favorite piece in your jewelry box, and why it means so much to you?
My favorite piece is one I recently acquired. Last November my husband and I were married and my Aunt gave me the most beautiful bracelet. It’s a family heirloom that used to be my grandmother’s. My family is originally from the middle east and gold bracelets and bangles are a very symbolic and important part of a woman’s look. The bracelet is one my grandmother would wear all the time. It features intricately etched gold baguettes, and is very ethnic and worldly feeling. I just love it.

Amanda's sketches and studio workspace.

What inspired your current range?
I wanted to create pieces that were simple, chic and wearable every day – tiny little statements that could add just a touch of glam to any outfit. My current line features charms, lockets and pendants, some inspired by nature and others inspired by faith and religion. Jewelry should be fun, exciting and most of all affordable. Everything in my collection is under $50.

What are your plans for future collections or additions to your designs?
I’ve started incorporating a lot of gemstones and geodes into my work.  My current collection features a lot of simple silver and gold charms and pendants; I plan on taking these a step further with fun little pops of color that natural stones can provide.

If you weren’t a jewelry designer, you’d be a…
That’s a tough one because I really love making jewelry.  If I didn’t have bills to worry about I would probably volunteer full time.  I work in my spare time with an awesome organization for blind and visually impaired children in Texas. I walk away from each volunteering session with a new appreciation for everything in my life.

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  1. Well, hello.
    I have been going through your archives and my respect and admiration for you keeps growing and growing. Burberry’s rtw fall 2010, Michael Kors slouchy boot and use of suede, and everything Victoria Beckham, I get that!
    Keep doing what you do.
    Beverly aka Style Underdog

    I found your blog through Suze of Miss Vinyl Ahoy. I will send her a thank you.

    1. Hi Mallory, glad you liked this post…I agree that the Amanda Deer logo is too precious. Amanda is so sweet and her jewelry is fun and totally affordable. Hope you’ll check her out.

      Thanks for stopping by and for your comment!

  2. As someone in the process of starting a new business, it’s really admirable that her pieces fall under $50. Making jewerly is expensive. Ridiculously expensive, and there are tons of overheard costs. She sounds delightful and her jewelry is adorable.

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