Hello Beautiful Stranger!

I’d never be so bold as to claim the beautiful part, but I am so chuffed to be a featured entrant in BeautifulStranger.tv’s blogger contest, Are You the Next Beautiful Stranger? I’m up against some truly beautiful competition and amazing bloggers, and while I’d love to win, I’m also immensely flattered that I made the cut for a spot on Andi and Max’s blog. I’m sure they had a ton of entries. Thanks Andi and Max!

If you’re a fan of G&G, be a doll and rate me and leave a comment on the site, will you please? You know I cherish my readers and tweeters, and if you’ve been shy about commenting before, now’s the time to show mama your love. Pretty please?!

PS: Are you on Twitter and Bloglovin’? Let’s connect! Let me know…follow/tweet me @gritandglamour so I can check you out too.


  1. Hey doll, you are voted (by me of course) as the Beautiful Stranger! Love your style! Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way >_~

    xoxo, Maggie

  2. Vahni, you’ve established quite a solid fanbase for yourself. I really hope you win! Feel free to link to the ITC post here to give your readers an incentive to vote and comment for you (not that they need one, but just to make sure ;-)).

    Good luck³

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