WVW: Jumpin’ Jumpin’*

How many times do we need to hear “never say never” to believe it? Apparently I need to hear it again.

I’ve been all over (and not in a good way) drop-crotch pants for quite some time—my favorite whipping boy being the harem pant. Now I still cannot go there. But I did find myself in a dressing room a couple weeks ago, in a jumpsuit with a slightly lower seat, and I was smitten. To the tune of not one jumpsuit, but two are now hanging in my closet. (I told you I have a bad habit of buying in twos). But between the price, the fit, and the idea that it’s a complete outfit in itself? Sold. Brilliant.

Not so brilliant? Going to the lavy.

Good thing I only bought two. Undoing the whole schebang, removing the belt for every trip? It blows. Not an outfit for a libertine and a night of libations. But still fun. This is actually what I wore to see SATC2 with my lovely gal pal, H.

*WVW=What V Wore
Benetton jumpsuit and belt, Michael Kors sandals, gifted Amanda Deer anchor necklace (more about that in a future post),
Om charm necklace from Neiman Marcus, vintage large gold chain necklace, Beachcombers glass bangles.


    1. It happens…with leggings, jumpsuits…you just never know. It’s all about finding that perfect piece/look to win you over.

  1. I am so loving your lip colour and the necklaces!!!

    I totally concur with FB, now they’ve made a come-back… although i was bought a crepe black halter neck harem jumpsuit yonks ago so i been in love with them for a while. They have a wide cuff at the hem and are very loose in the leg, so i do feel a bit ‘I dream of Genie’ or whatever that TV show was years ago when i wear mine!

    .-= A Brit Greek´s last blog ..MTV Movie Awards: What they wore =-.

    1. Thank you! As I said above, I think when you finally find the right piece for YOU, it totally changes your perspective. That’s my theory anyway.

      As always, thanks for your comment!

    1. Thank you so much! Ever since I saw Angelina Jolie do grey and gold at some awards show years ago, I’ve been in love with this combo. I think the warmth of the gold is what keeps grey from being so drab. As does a warm shade of brown.

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