WVW: Mucho*

Apparently have a thing for crazy hybrid sandal boots. First I tried on these Jessica Simpson sandal booties, and just couldn’t help myself. I had to have them. I got my money’s worth too—they amuse and astound people everywhere I go in them.

As I was passing through my local Nordys the other day, I spotted a pair so bizarre, I was captivated. But I was at Nordstorm for the half-yearly sale, and damn it, what I was looking at was not only not on sale, they were fresh off the truck. (And I know this because I’m in the Nordstrom shoe department so frequently I can spot new merch practically from the door). I looked at this new arrival,  checked the tag, and walked away. To the sale rack. I browsed the redlines and saw a decent discount on a pair of chunky black Vera Wang sandals I have been trolling for weeks. But more black sandals? I’m still madly in love with my new-ish black Michael Kors Gansevoorts.

You think you know me well enough to pick out shoes for me?

I eventually asked the sales girl to bring me a clog and sat down to wait for her return. After several minutes, she surfaces with four boxes—yeah, that “suggestive sell” crap I hate. You know, these people, I know they’re working hard for their money, but don’t make me wait an extra five minutes because you think you know me well enough to pick out shoes for me. I’m always so offended.

So she takes out the clogs and I try them on and I’m not loving them. And she opens a box with a different clog and to humor her, I try it on and pass. And then she opens the third box, and it’s THAT PAIR. The one I deliberately didn’t ask to try because I didn’t want to go there. Because it’s full price. Because, I am NOT THAT WEAK! So Ms. I-Know-What-You-Want-Before-You-Do salesgirl struck out on the clogs, but she read me like a book on box number three. %&*#@!!!

To humor her, of course, I try them on. My God, are they kooky fab, and more comfortable than any shoe I’ve tried on in months. There is nothing in my closet like this, I think. This pair will not be redundant. For the first time in my shoe shopping history, someone got me with the suggestive sell. I hate defeat.

So I present to you my Jeffrey Campbell Mucho sandal boots (which can be worn folded over as well).  For some reason, this shoe doesn’t exist online anywhere at this moment. Not even at nordstrom.com. Not on any other Jeffrey Campbell retail site. Not in JC’s own spring 2010 catalog. For reasons unknown, the shoe gods decided this pair would materialize only at my local Nordys. And then in my closet.

Jeffrey Campbell featured these photos on the company blog! I’m blushing! Thank you Jeffrey Campbell, for your shoes, and the shout-out. Now everyone, if you’re a JC fan, follow on Twitter: @JCShoes.

See more Mucho in WVW: The Hat.

*WVW=What V Wore
Forever 21 ruffled silk tank, Limited cami, LOFT cargo shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Mucho sandal boot.
On toes: OPI You Don’t Know Jacques (perfect complement!)


    1. Yes, I suppose we were meant to be together! I’m chuffed to be the Mucho poster girl on the JC’s blog. Exciting!

    1. Thanks Irina! I saw the tweet from @JCShoes about Mucho a little while ago. The brown is really nice as well…it was actually the first color I tried, but then ended up going for the black.

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