WVW: Skinny Cargos*

Like most fashion addicts, seasonal trends, fabrications, and compilations that are published and pushed by the mags eventually get under my skin. But not all of them, mind you. I’ll take on a trend if it works for me, and I think it’s cool. I still say hell no to harem pants on me. I’ve seen other ladies do them famously, but they’re just not me.

Anyway, like I’ve said, I’ll take on a trend, but the difference (for me at least) is that once I take it on, I rarely let it go. If I’ve invested in good flares, I’m going to wear them anytime, any year. Ikat, skinnies, neon, platforms, furry vests—whatever—if I bought into it, it’s because I love it. I won’t get rid of something just because there is a new trend on the rise; I only edit out what I no longer love, or things that have seen better days.

So that long-winded build up was all because I’ve been eyeing the skinny cargo trend for a while, and I finally found a pair I adore: Rich & Skinny Stretch Denim Cargo Leggings. They were stupid expensive (but totally worth it)—they fit marvelously, and are extremely comfy—thin material, perfect amount of stretch. If I can sit in a pair of skinnies, jeans, or pants for more than an hour and not feel pain in the you-know-what (ya’ll know what I’m talking about), then they truly qualify as comfortable.

*WVW=What V Wore
Rich & Skinny Stretch Denim Cargo Leggings, Banana Republic tee,
Michael Kors platform sandals, LOFT clutch, Lucky Brand bangles.


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