Friend Friday: Beauty Secrets

This week’s Friend Friday* project is all about beauty, which goes hand-in-hand with fashion. Katy wrote, “Even though some of us are strictly fashion bloggers, we still use beauty products on a daily basis, so let’s delve into that for our readers.”

My Beauty Secrets

What are the three products you couldn’t live without?
Neutrogena sunscreen, Dermablend, and lipgloss.

Which products do you never leave home without?
My MAC Studio Fix compact, and a lipstick or lipgloss.

When purchasing what is your one big beauty weakness?
NAIL POLISH!!! I’m obsessed. I cannot get enough. If you’re a new reader, check out Beauty Confession: Nail Polish Obsession and Oops, I did it again…. After nail polish, I go straight for lipstick and lipgloss.

Do you have a secret remedy, concoction, family tradition that you use?
Yeah, it’s three ounces gin, to one ounce dry vermouth, to one ounce olive juice (or something like that),  shaken hard, topped with three bleu-cheese stuffed olives. Just kidding!  Well, not about the cocktail, but about it having anything to do with making one look good. I’ve found that it only makes other people look good.

OK, seriously, since my mom hardly ever wears makeup and could care less about skin care she’s no help in that department. My grandmother wore nothing…no makeup, no sunscreen, zip. So these are the secrets I’m going to pass on to my gorgeous little niece (who is also fair-skinned like me):

  • Crème De La Mer is a miracle cream and worth every penny.
  • Stay the hell out of the sun and wear 100 SPF sunscreen every single day (I have been under a veil of sunscreen for about 14 years now. I swear it has made a huge difference.).
  • Don’t smoke! and wear sunglasses and a hat if you’re going to be in the sun for longer than five minutes.
  • Never, ever go to bed with makeup on. I don’t care how drunk or tired you are.

When it comes to your face, what area do you usually try to accentuate?
First, my eyes. That means several coats of L’Oreal Voluminous mascara in Noir. Then I like to play with color on my lips. I’m not devoted to a particular lip color—since I hardly ever wear eye liner or eye shadow, this is where I work in a pop of bright fuchsia or coral, a metallic bronze or pale pink, or a shiny, lacquer-like nude.

*The Friend Friday project by Modly Chic is a way for bloggers to share more about themselves and create a friendly connection with other bloggers. Katy of Modly Chic sends us questions weekly, and we answer on our blogs. Twitter tag: #FBFF


  1. I agree with a bunch of this!! I’m a big fan of Cetaphil, and I’ve seen people who smoke and what happens to their skin. Scary!

    I really need to invest in a great pair of sunglasses. I’ve never gotten high-quality ones because I was afraid I’d lose or break them. Now I notice that I’m starting to get a crease in my forehead from squinting through useless sunglasses. Any recommendations?

    {See my Friend Friday responses at]
    .-= CarolAnn Edie´s last blog ..Friend Friday! =-.

    1. Thank you for your comment, CarolAnn.

      Hmmm, sunnies. I’ve always preferred glasses with really wide arms, because they block out the light and keep you from squinting. I’ve been wearing a big black pair by Juicy Couture for about three years now. I can’t seem to find another pair that has a lens as dark. A lot of the designer frames have good lenses, but so many are too light, which defeats the purpose. So I would say get to your local sunglass store and look for the pair with the darkest lens. Then see if they meet your other criteria, and that they suit you.

      Over the years I’ve bought more Gucci than anything else, but there are so many options now. My face isn’t the easiest to fit in terms of glasses, which is probably why I haven’t found a new pair in three years, and I’ve been looking. As far as the expense goes, a couple things to consider: first, if the ones you buy don’t come with a hard case, buy one. I’ve always kept my sunnies in a hard case in my purse and consequently, have never mangled a pair. Second, abide by this rule, and you will be fine: when they’re not on your face, they should be in the case. That will keep them from getting scratched…or lost!

      In the long run, spending a little more on a really good pair is a sensible investment. They protect your eyes and your skin, aside from being your best friend when you need to zip out with no makeup on. And when you know you’ve spent a nice chunk of change on a pair, you’re more apt to be careful with them.

      Good luck, and let me know if you find something!

  2. Hey beautiful,
    Thanks for sharing – was hoping that martini mix would have an interesting outcome in the name of beauty like the others…
    Totally agree with the above too, It’s really funny when holiday makers venture onto the beaches of Greece thinking they can get away with factor 10/15 – it’s a hideous sight – the redness and the wrinklies! (Think: There’s Something about Mary and the woman with leather skin and scary boobs!) Crikey!
    I was also going to say, don’t always buy into the advertising lark – as you may have heard Boots (UK) has this anti-aging cream by No. 7, that sold out in like 5 second – what works for other doesn’t always necessarily work for you. But it is good to try something out and experiment.

    @ Carol Ann – perhaps a good opticians may be able to help with changing the lens of a good pair of designer sunnies you like? I did this with a pair of mine and chose a darker lens, or you could wear a gorgeous fedora!
    .-= A Brit Greek´s last blog ..Friday Giveaway!!! =-.

    1. Ooh, great idea about having an optician switch out lenses. Never thought of that.

      I think I recall reading about that magical Boots cream. If we only had Boots in the U.S.! I agree that not all high-end facial moisturizers are worth it. I’ve tried so many of them. But Creme De La Mer is one of the few that actually heals my face over night. Maybe that’s because it was originally created by a physicist to help chemical burn victims. If I have redness of any sort before I go to bed, I put on my La Mer and in the morning it’s gone! I can actually see a difference in my skin when I don’t use it—no other moisturizer has ever had that effect for me personally.

      But it’s such and individual thing. Everyone’s skin has different needs. I will say, however, that I once read an interview with a famous dermatologist who noted that patients with the most beautiful skin had one thing in common—Creme de la Mer.

  3. I agree with you about the need to use SPF. So important these days! I’m using SPF30 which works out pretty well for me since I have olive skin and am not too sensitive to sun exposure, but I still like to protect my skin from sun damage. Oh, and don’t forget your eyelids when using SPF creams! This year I had my first ever eyelid sunburn and it was the nastiest thing ever. I had swollen, wrinkly eyes for a couple of days and was mortified the wrinkles wouldn’t go away (they did after some intensive sunburn therapy). Won’t happen to me again!

    I also agree about investing in a pair of good sunglasses; I bought a pair of Miu Mius 3 years ago and they’re still with me; haven’t lost or broke them. I’m thinking about buying a new pair though because mine are a bit light and don’t help THAT much if it’s really, really sunny.

    Oh, my miracle cream is Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré by the way. I bought my first tube 2 months ago and never want to go back. My skin is usually very oily, but since I’m on a BPO regimen it has become extremely dry and no moisturizer kept my skin moisturized all day long except this one. This one does a really great job, it’s rich and moisturizing, but doesn’t clog my pores or makes me break out. The cream is a little bit pricey (20€ here in Germany) and hard to find because it’s a French brand, but totally worth the money. I’ll see if I can get my hands on a sample of CdlM to see how it compares to the Embryolisse one.
    .-= Irina´s last blog ..Real vs. Steal – Christian Louboutin Pigalle Crystal Encrusted Stiletto Pumps =-.

    1. Irina, thanks for your comment! I am not surprised that we have similar thoughts…we definitely have similar taste in shoes! I love to hear about products other ladies have tried and love. Thanks for sharing.

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