Military Jacket Remix: What I Wore to Meet Tim Gunn

I’ve worn this Forever 21 military jacket to work, and gone from work to weekday cocktails. Now it’s time for Friday night fun!

Look 3: The Weekend (or What I Wore to Meet Tim Gunn)

I’ve paired my jacket with one of my favorite tunic tank tops from Target that is longer in the back for total bum coverage. And it’s a good thing, because I have on my skinniest skinnies from NY & Co. (jeggings, as they’ve been called), so some rear coverage is in order. A pebbled leather, tasseled clutch from Loft, Jessica Simpson sandal booties, and some rock-n-roll bling finish the look.

This is what I wore to meet Tim Gunn last weekend, and I am proud to declare it Tim Gunn-approved. When I met Mr. Gunn, he remarked that I must be a “fashion leader” in my city. Well, hell yeah! (Even if it’s only in my mind.) Anyway, knowing I had planned a series for G&G around the jacket, I asked Mr. Gunn if it was a “Tim Gunn-approved outfit,” and he stated that it was. See?! It’s not about the labels you wear, but wearing the right cut and right proportions for your body.

So there. I do my best, y’all. This one is approved by the top dog. Makes my heart sing.

Tomorrow’s post: Military Jacket Remix: Saturday Shopping


    1. Hi Renee! Thanks for popping by. It was pretty cool, i must admit. But what made it so great is that he didn’t disappoint. There is nothing worse than having a brush with celebrity and learning that the person you so admired is a pompous ass or a rude, self-absorbed brat.

      Mr. Gunn was none of the above. He is unbelievably accessible and as polite and kind as he could be.

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