WVW: Neutrality*

What better for a damp, grey, slightly cool day than yummy, oversized sweater? Especially when it only cost you $5.99? Yes, you read that right. So I don’t care that it’s a mass-produced NY & Co. sale rack find. It feels like a little cocoon and is so comfy, so different, and so cheap that if I get sick of it, I’ll just use it to dry off my car after it’s been washed. In the meantime, it’s the perfect transitional sweater.

I’m having a ton of fun mixing up my neutrals…light grey, taupe, nude. And I’m especially in love with this new nude, distressed nubuck sandal, which is Aldo’s take on the Miu Miu Forma Cutout Sandal. It’s so eye-catching and really comfortable on. My new summer staple.

*WVW=What V Wore
NY & Co. tunic tank and sweater, Limited woven leather belt, Banana Republic skinny chinos, Aldo shoes.


    1. Anna Katrina…welcome and thank you! I just love this sweater…actually bought it in a beautiful rust color as well. It is just so comfy. I know I’m going to enjoy it even more in the fall.

  1. The lines of this sweater are wonderfully-architectural and I really like the photo of you with the sweater off-the-shoulder-loose on your back… that does look so cocoon-like…

    Transitional pieces and outfits can be challenging but especially so within the southern climes; you did a great job with this! Am getting together my ensemble’ for AU and think that I’ll go with cream, chocolate brown, light brown, taupe and a shot of tourquoise along with a dash of cheetah print: summer-into-fall casual that can dress-up a tad if needed and echoes the animal print trending gearing-up now. I’m not taking much this trip and have a smaller suitcase so it should be interesting to see what-all makes the wardrobing-cut. Probably a lot less than Paris since I’m emphasizing the uber-casual nature of my visiting unlike last time in AU when we skiied, partied, flew up to Sydney n’ such. I just wanna’ kick-back this round, ahhh.

    Best from here, Lac

    1. Thanks Lac! Sounds like you have a solid packing plan for Oz. Lucky for you (but unlucky for the Aussies), at the moment the U.S. dollar will stretch even further Down Under.

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