Friend Friday: The Art of Blogging

The Friend Friday project by Modly Chic is a way for bloggers to share more about themselves and create a friendly connection with other bloggers. Katy of Modly Chic sends us questions weekly, and we answer on our blogs.

This week Katy wrote:

I’ve been following the conversation on IFB about blogging and compensation and it got me thinking…this week let’s talk about the art of blogging.

What’s your main purpose in blogging?
My blog is a place where I can write about whatever is on my mind, whether I’m thinking about fashion, celebrities, relationships, or current events. Initially, it was more of an online journal, but over time I realized that I didn’t want want to share my life as much as my voice. So I tweaked it, though I left many older posts out there as a record of my journey. After I had a former lawyer friend use my comment section to give me an allegorical dressing down about how I’ve lived my life—then threaten me with a libel lawsuit when I never named anyone on my blog or wrote anything directly libelous, I decided to yank a lot of the personal content. I didn’t scrub it because I was afraid of legal action—he had no legitimate claim. I just decided that I’d rather not give any other pompous a** lawyers any ammo to use against me, even if only in their own heads. Oh, and I blocked his IP address. Enjoyed that, I must admit.

Ultimately though, Grit and Glamour is about the writing more than anything else. I am a writer. That’s what I do. And my blog is my place to exercise my verbal and visual creativity.

Do you think bloggers should receive monetary compensation for their efforts?
If they have been recruited by a company to write about an event or product, some sort of compensation is in order, be it monetary, a link exchange, keeping products after a review, etc. I don’t work for free. Why would you? Even if I’m not being paid to write, I’m getting something out of it…exposure, experience, portfolio clips, something. I’m a professional writer. If I don’t respect the value of my time/talent/voice, no one else will either.

What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?
Getting more people to your blog. Expanding your audience. Juggling offline life and online life. Taking a break from the computer without feeling like you’ll sacrifice readers in the process. As much as I love it, sometimes I feel like if I don’t “feed the blog” every day, no one will visit anymore. And that’s tough because I’m on a computer at least 40 hours a week at my full-time job; sometimes I need some time away. This week was one of the rare weeks that I didn’t post anything new for almost four days.

Oh, and of course, nuisance commenters…pompous lawyers, spammers, and the like.

What’s the most rewarding part?
The good comments! When you write something—like Return to pretty…please! that resonates with others. And there is a lot of content I get a kick out of or that feeds me on an aesthetic level, even if it does nothing for anyone else.

What is one goal you have for improving your blog?
It’s not really where I want it to be from a design perspective, and I am still contemplating a real brand identity. I’m using a self-hosted template, and although it’s mostly been an awesome tool, massaging it as I’d like to is well beyond my technical capabilities. I’m totally self-taught, and unfortunately, I loathe reading the directions, so when it comes to “hooks” and custom code and all that, I’m lost. I can copy and paste pretty well, but there’s still so much I wish I could do. I’m going to hire a pro to help me as soon as I zero in on one. There are a couple in the blog world now that I think could help me; I just haven’t had the time to site down and craft an email and some payment terms and all that. One day, one day.

Feel free to list some of your absolutely favorite blogs to check out daily.
The blogs I check out daily are all under Divertissement on the right. I don’t do a lot of blog reading and commenting, mostly because I just don’t have time. There is one link which I’m testing as an agreed “exchange,” and two that are personal friends. Two others are to sites I read and also write for. The rest are sites I just really enjoy.

I just discovered this great blog last night by two sisters (?) called .Sabo Skirt. Love this super stylish dynamic duo in Australia. I’m adding them to my list pronto. They have mad style and a fresh perspective.

There are couple blog stars in my list, but I have to say that I’m getting tired of hearing the same names over and over, and I deliberately don’t ready Tavi, Susie, and Tommy because I want to keep my perspective as original as possible. I used to really love Scott Schuman’s blog, but I’m less enamored with it these days, and more in tune with his betrothed’s site (Garance Doré). For some reason Scott seems to have gotten into shooting really kooky people, and a lot of men’s fashion, and I’m not into that. I can see funky, crazy fashion in my own city. Garance’s blog includes amazing illustrations, terrifically funny copy, and stunning photos that are clearly shot with a discerning woman’s eye. She appreciates a wide range of feminine beauty—you can see it in her photos—and her taste or aesthetic is very similar to my own. If there is one blogger who I think deserves the massive international hype, it’s her. She’s like the triple threat star of the blog world. She can do it all.


  1. Thank you so much for you lovely comment and support darling! We are honoured to be a part of anyone’s blog roll, especially such a short one like yours =) Also, a big thank you for mentioning us in your post. You are so kind! We’ll be sure to keep in touch and hope you do the same. We’re now following you with Bloglovin (as we don’t have Twitter)


    1. Hello ladies! So glad to have found you, and glad you found me too. Thanks for the follow. I’m looking forward to seeing more outfit posts from you two. I absolutely adore your style and sense of humor!


  2. I totally agree with your list of frustrating things. And good for you for blocking that crazy lawyer and his comments! You don’t need that drama. Thanks for participating.
    .-= Katy´s last blog ..Friend Friday =-.

    1. Thanks Katy. Yeah, I think if you blog, you have comment frustration…luckily we do have ways of protecting ourselves. Glad to participate.

  3. Great post, so glad you blocked the ‘former’ lawyer friend, that’s just nuts right?

    Anyhow, you (& Modly chic) have got me thinking about blogging (style & improvement) now… although mine is very sporadic and random in content, it’s simply ‘what’s on my mind’ of the moment/day plus shopping can be a frustrating experience when you’re not on your usual turf, hence so many wish/must have criteria!
    Was thinking of moving into a different direction (fashion has long been my passion) however, there are enough fashion blogs out there, i don’t particularly think people really need to see crap photos (don’t have the time for boyf to take piccies nor decent camera) of me dressed/styled up (refer to my cheeky poke at Mr T. /80’s look for instance). The CupcakesandCashmere’s, Show me your wardrobe, Sea of Shoes, 5 inch & Up’s of this blogging world are doing a fabulous enough job, and I love seeing these gorgeous gals strut their stuff… Makes me smile that someone out there is doing it in the name of style & fashion! I simply don’t have that kind of time anymore… hmmm maybe i’ll get my creative fashion mojo going on in the near future.
    .-= A Brit Greek´s last blog ..Friday Best, weekly round up =-.

    1. Hello again love~

      Thank you so much for your comment. It is actually quite thought-provoking…I may respond in an actual blog post.

      Please keep blogging…what I’ve seen of your hairstyles and wardrobe choices, I love! But if you choose a different direction, so be it. I’ll be there to support you anyway!