Zimmermann: Hot Aussie Cozzies

What’s a cozzie, you ask?

In Aussiespeak, that’s a bathing suit, aka, swimming costume, or a cozzie for short. Cause y’all know the Australians shorten everything, right? Brekky, rego, arvo, relo = breakfast, registration, afternoon, and relative. Anyway, enough with the Australinglish lesson.

The Zimmermann Cruise Swim Collection 2010/11 was just posted to the company’s Australian site, and don’t I wish I could get my hands on these suits for this summer in the States! I’m a huge fan of Nicky Zimmermann’s woven, corset detailing on both her dresses and swimsuits—it’s a signature motif that any Zimmermann fan can spot a mile away. The 2010/11 collection was a departure from the usual Zimmermann details, but still breathtaking:

Zimmermann 2010-11 Copy Cat Waisted D Ring Bikini in Bronze. Image: zimmermannwear.com.
Zimmermann 2010-11 Poppy Lattice Back One-Piece in Nude. Image: zimmermannwear.com.
Zimmermann 2010-11 Mirror Mirror Slash One-Shoulder One-Piece. Image: zimmermannwear.com.

Unfortunately, the most covetable pieces from the current 2009-10 swimwear and accessories collection (like the Raffia clutch shown below, and several bikinis) aren’t stocked by U.S. carrier shopbop.com. Net-a-Porter does have a limited, but still swoon-worthy selection of ready-to-wear and swimwear. So mark your calendars ladies—when the fall/winter collections drop here in the U.S., that’s when the latest Zimmermann spring/summer collection will launch.

Zimmermann Rafia Clutch With Pom Poms. Image: zimmermannstore.com.


  1. I live on an island, you can’t hide form the sun. : ) I wear SPF 50 and get tan sitting under an umbrella with a t-shirt on!

    1. Westfield Bondi Junction! Oh, how I loved that place. It was my favorite way to kill a day! Awesome shopping!

      Thanks for your comment and blog link, by the way. I added you as well…love your blog!

      1. Thanks muchly V, spotted you and came over!

        I miss my days in OZ, spent a mere 5 but amazing months mainly on the east coast…. I sometimes imagine where i’d be right now if i’d taken up the buying job which Bettina Liano offered me years ago. Instead of a life in Greece, perhaps Sydney or Melbourne…!!! Funny how life turns out though!

        .-= A Brit Greek´s last blog ..Hotel lovers, Hoxton Hotel £1 sale today! =-.

        1. Yes…never know where life will lead you. A buying job? You lucky thing…you must be in that line of work. Wish I had gone that route, but writing has served me well too. So glad to have a new blog mate!

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