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The Friend Friday project by Modly Chic is a way for bloggers to share more about themselves and create a friendly connection with other bloggers. Katy of Modly Chic sends us questions weekly, and we answer on our blogs.

This week Katy wrote:

Since we celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to do a little family/important people in our lives tribute.

1. Which character trait of your mother’s do you hope to emulate?
My mother is the most selfless, generous, forgiving person I’ve ever met. I always hope one day I can be as forgiving and kind as she is.

2. What are your thoughts on your mother’s/grandmother’s sense of fashion?
Both my mother and grandmother came from hard times and difficulty. My mom didn’t even own a pair of shoes until she was almost eight or nine years old. Fashion isn’t even a consideration when you don’t have enough food to eat. It was never a priority in either of their lives, which makes me wonder to this day how it became such a priority in mine.

After coming to the U.S., things turned around for my mother and her family. Both Mom and my grandmother are nature girls (still don’t know how I am a descendant, but anyway); the one thing I associate with my grandmother (who has passed on) and Mom is an intense love of gardening and tending to living things—be it flowers, vegetables, kids, or granchildren. And because my mother is also a hairdresser, her wardrobe is more about function than fashion. My grandmother was the same way, except that she never, ever wore makeup or pants a day in her life. She had her little handbags and gloves and even hats, but they were typical for a woman of her age.

I do remember Mom rocking some awesome wooden platforms and high heels in my youth. And the best I think she ever looked was probably when I was somewhere around 10-12 years old. I don’t remember the year, but we went to a wedding and her bobbed ash blonde hair was in wild spiral curls, and she wore a beautifully-draped dusty rose silk dress that looked like it was cut for her. She looked phenomenal. But she really is a nature girl, maybe even borderline hippie, so she only gets dolled up for church or a social event. She does try to stay modern, though, and I appreciate that—I would say my style sort of comes from hers in that she never over-accessorizes, and she doesn’t tend to go for anything really busy.

3. When you reach your 70’s you want people to look at you and think…
What a fabulous broad.

4. What piece or pieces from your mom’s closet would you like to incorporate into your own?
Ah…first, a fur stole from her 20s (and life in NYC) that I still wish I could fit! My mom is a tiny little thing at 5′ tall, I’m 5’7″ with more of an athletic build…I outgrew her things when I was in like sixth grade or something. Anyway, I may have to have it reworked if it’s still around. Come to think of it, it better still be around! I need to ask her about that.

WVW: Black Gold. Wearing Mom's gold coin pendant from the 1970s.

Because of the above-mentioned difference in size and body type, Mom and I have never been able to shop each other’s closets. But I do shop her jewelry box. She has some amazing, custom pieces that are absolutely divine. I do borrow them on occasion (for example, in my WVW: Black Gold outfit post, I have on my mom’s gold coin pendant that is from the 1970s). She has this killer gold and turquoise claw ring that I’ve been in love with for years. If you can believe it, my dad gave her most of her really unique pieces. Maybe my style comes from him! We seem to like the same things in terms of jewelry, that’s for sure.

5. What I like best about my mother is…
That she’s a true mom. She has always been my biggest fan and most ardent supporter. She has never competed with me or tried to live vicariously through me. She has loved me unconditionally, and that ain’t easy, let me tell you. She’s always worked, but we have always been her first priority. I could never be who I am today without her incredible example; she is the true definition of love and family. I consider myself blessed everyday to have walked through this life with a woman like her.

Read more about my amazing mom in What You Didn’t Know About Your Hairdresser.


  1. This is great. I love that fashion became such an important part of your life when it didn’t play a central role in your mother’s. And yet it sounds like both your mother and grandmother were classy ladies who were able to dress up when the occasion called for it. Thanks for contributing.
    .-= Katy´s last blog ..Friend Friday: =-.

  2. Hey V! I JUST have finished unpacking from my reunion trip where we got to see one another too… what fun that was! Work’s been non-stop hence the delayed unpacking and delayed catching up with your blog…

    I LOVE this post and always think it’s so truly wonderful whenever I hear of friends’ great relationships with their mothers 🙂 I didn’t have this with mine however I always on my part tried to stay-friends as best I could with my mother and don’t regret anything thankfully during the years of her life that I was a part of. Sometimes it’s still hard to believe that she’s passed away and Mother’s Day is now so bittersweet…

    Latest News: I’ve got my travel-plans together now for my latest-AU jaunt 🙂 I’m doing a “quicker trip”
    of only 2 1/2 weeks to Melbourne n’ back (due to work, etc stuff going on) but am super excited to be seeing folks there and my brother’s new place, nephews’ new school and sister-in-law’s new workplace. I’ve emphasized that this is going to be a super-casual trip with just hanging-out so that I don’t need a dressy wardrobe or won’t be running around skiing, wine valley touring n’ such… just really want to take it easy this trip. Will be thinking of you while I’m there 🙂

    Best from here as always, Lac

  3. Oh, I’m laughing at alla’ those smiley-faces icons in my post reply above now seeing them there… didn’t realize that I put some many of these in it, LOL!

    1. Ha!!!

      Smiles are always welcome!

      Thank you for your thoughtful response. I am lucky to have such an awesome mom and I realize that sometimes mother-daughter relationships aren’t as easy for others. I’m fortunate that my mother is very down-to-earth and cool.

      So glad to hear you have your trip booked…awesome! I did a two-weeker my first time over and it was still a good long trip. You’ll have a blast, I know. Don’t know when you’re heading over, but if it’s this summer, it will definitely be cold in Melb, so take your jacket and boots! And you must pick up Grazia magazine while you’re there, at least for the plane trip home. It’s such a fantastic fashion resource.

      Email me and let me know when you’re going. Who knows, you could be flying back around the same time my favorite Aussie is heading to the States. Also, I’ll give you his contact info in case you run into any layover problems while in Sydney. Always good to know there is someone there if you need them, you know?

      Stay well!

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