WVW: Private Safari*

Bet you didn’t know that I could go on safari in my very own backyard. But you can, and I did. Despite the tall boots, I even scratched up my knees on a briar, though I’ve spared you that photo.

The deer, the bunny, they’re welcomed invaders of my property. Good thing I was only shooting them with a camera. I am a huntress, but only of mankind.

*WVW=What V Wore
Banana Republic shirt and belt, LOFT shorts. Boots from Wanted of Australia.
Not sure where I got the wooden necklaces.


    1. Yes, Sarah, I really DO have deer in my backyard. Usually a family of them saunter through in the evenings…sometimes up to eight of them! And there are bunnies, squirrels, cats, and occasionally finches, cardinals, and hummingbirds. It is so lovely. Nothing better than looking out the back door and seeing all my little critters!

      Thanks for your comment and kind words!

    1. HA! Thanks…belt is a recent acquisition. I’m enjoying the bit of print it brings in to an otherwise monochromatic outfit. Plus, I love ikat. Just having a hard time finding it in a design/piece that works for me.

  1. cool boots! i’m surprised by the wild bunnies!!
    I’ve seen deer run across my front lawn before, gators sunbathing and swimming in the canal behind the house, and strange alien birds come up to the sliding glass doors!!!! and a friend of mine ended up with a wild boar as a pet after it wandered into her backyard! South FL can be crazy!

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