WVW: Fantasy in the Foliage*

In my perfect life, I traipse around the garden in formalwear paired with a t-shirt, yes I do. Hey, if they can style shoots like these for Vogue and such, why can’t I? This is my fantasy in the foliage. Or as my favorite Aussie put it: goth gardening.

After all that physical labor, one needs a respite, non? Tea commences in the garden at 4pm. Followed by martinis at 6pm sharp.

*WVW=What V Wore
Jean Paul Gaultier for Target tee, Lillie Rubin skirt, Wittner heels, Target rose ring, BCBG hinged ring, bracelets…miscellaneous.


    1. HAAAAAAAA! Fake sweat, dirt on my face? That’s too close to the real thing! But you know what might be fun? Me splitting wood with an axe, in a ball gown. One day.

  1. I just adore your skirt for tea, martinis or hard labour. Who cares? It is FANTASTIC, and so are you goddess,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(sigh of joy and admiration ).

    1. Aw, thank you Sacramento! I wore the same skirt at Halloween last year…I remember you loving it then, too.

  2. V!! that skirt is insane! You really are a stunning woman. I tell ya! Thanks for sharing this vintage WVW.. I wouldn’t have known what I was missing and that would have been a shame!

    1. Thanks, Eboni! I’m going to start doing this. There is a lot of “vintage” WVW that most people haven’t seen since it took a while to build a readership of more than two people!

  3. I love this pictorial! I was shoveling last weekend and, well, I wasn’t looking quite so glam. But I have a new perennial flower garden that’s going to make it all worthwhile come next summer.

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