WVW: BCBG Hinged Ring*

I’ve been after this hinged ring from BCBG for ages. It’s like an amazing Loree Rodkin creation, but $22K cheaper. (Remember my post, BCBG Spring 2010 Accessories Campaign from February? I mentioned it back then.) It’s always sold out online, never in my local store. I’ve even called BCBG to see if they could get me one from anywhere, any store, with no luck.


Saturday was my lucky day. I went by the store to cruise the sale rack, and I thought I’d look at the accessories to see if the ring was in (knowing it wouldn’t be).  Then, to my total shock and awe, I saw it in the case. It was the only one they had. But it didn’t fit my right hand (unless I stay in 30-degree weather, permanently). In a perfect world, it would have fit the middle finger of my right hand. In the real world I was at least fortunate that it fit my left ring finger, which is usually reserved for marriage-related rings. However, for a ring this remarkable I have to make an exception, because it is impossible to get it any larger.

I. Am. LOVING IT! It’s the “Fly-est” thing in my closet…if you agree, vote it up!

 *WVW=What V Wore
BCBG hinged ring, OPI on Collins Avenue nail polish by OPI.


    1. NYFM~

      Then you know exactly how I feel! So wish I had two of these so I could wear one on each hand. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

    1. Cool! I almost went with the gold myself, but the gunmetal was so spectacular I had to get it. Plus, they had plenty of gold ones…may have to go back for one! These hinged rings are my new obsession. I’ve worn mine the last few days, and I get soooo many compliments on it.

      Enjoy yours and thanks for your comment!

  1. LOVE THIS RING! I actually saw it back in March and was dying to get it, but my friend convinced me to get the black diamond snake BCBG ring instead. However months later I still want this ring. How much did you buy this ring for ?

    1. Thank you! I love it too. I think BCBG may still have it in stock. I think I paid $138…can’t remember, except that I paid full price for it.

      Thanks for your comment, and good luck tracking down the ring!

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