BBOS Private Sale: Discounted Designer Bags, No Bidding Required

Psst…I want to tell you a secret. Remember Bag Borrow or Steal? That site that you could rent designer bags from? Well, it’s still around, and I have to admit I’m rather surprised that the concept flew. I personally would rather save $500/week toward the permanent purchase of an Hermés Birkin, but anyway. Now the site is called Avelle, and they’re still leasing designer swag—but that’s not the secret I intend to share.

Used Jalda Eel Bean Clutch on BBOS, $125.

No, the secret is that Bag Borrow or Steal has been renamed BBOS Private Sale—a site for buying and selling used designer handbags and accessories. When you join BBOS, you get access to daily sales as well as the ability to sell your own bags, sunnies, and jewelry on the site. And selling your own items is way easier than the eBay route. Just submit a simple form and photo and they respond with a purchase estimate.

If you’re leery of buying designer on eBay, or detest auctions like I do, this is a great resource for fab bags at depreciated prices. BBOS Private Sale guarantees both product authenticity and your satisfaction. I actually submitted a request for a bag I want to sell. I’m curious to see how they will value it and if I decide to go forward, I’ll let you know how the experience went.

From a site experience perspective, I must admit that I am very impressed with both sites. They are clean, well-organized, include live help, and I love the feature on Avelle that shows the bag against the silhouette of a woman. That’s the easiest way for yours truly to know if the bag is really big enough!

Product description on Avelle.

PS: If you’re into renting, you get a $60 Rental Credit with an Avelle membership.

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