A Nude Update

Just wanted you all to see how cutie nudie patootie the Aldo Whitsey pumps are that I wrote about in Nude is the New Black. Tweeted the photo below yesterday, but I’m not sure how many of you follow me or catch my tweets in the right sidebar.

Road tested by yours truly, and they’re not only sensational on, they are a complete cinch to walk in. And that’s no joke. They are dy-no-MITE!

So including this pair, that’s five pairs of shoes in the last two months. I’m not even going to try to count the number I’ve purchased in the last year. I am a bonafide shoe-a-holic. I may need to issue myself a 30-day no-shopping challenge…just as soon as I see what sales are on tap for the now-stale first shipment of S/S 2010 merch. Do I need Shopaholics Anonymous? I might.


  1. Omg they look high, but I saw them on the website and googled them and came upon your page. If you say they are a cinch to walk in, then ill take your word. I really like this nude pair;one can party them up, or dress them up. I’m too a shopaholic, I’m not even home and travelling for work and I already bought 7 pairs of heels, including three ALDO. Ill prob have to pay over weight luggage, hehe. Well thanks for the info, they look nice!

    1. Thank you Kickz! They are high, but they have good balance.

      I know the pain of overweight luggage…I have not only had to pay numerous times, but once I had to buy another suitcase before checking in because i got to the desk and one piece was so heavy it was over ALL the limits!

      Thanks for your comment. Hope you snag a pair and love them!

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