Paris au Printemps!

A few weeks ago, I asked for some advice about what to wear when visiting Paris in spring. My lovely reader Lac was planning a trip and I took it upon myself to ask others for fashion advice. You all responded, Lac flew off to Paris where she is now, and here is an update:

Lac looking chic in Paris, March 2010.

Lac writes from Paris:

Wow…what a whirlwind it’s been the past couple of days but such a very fun Paris-whirlwind 😉

…Yesterday was spent around the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, Sainte-Chapelle plus wandering around the Jardin des Tuileries and along the Seine River.  Today we saw two incredible places, the Hotel des Invalides/Musee’ de la Armee’/Napoleon’s Tomb complex and the Musee’ d/ Orsay where between the Art Nouveau rooms and a good selection of great Impressionist paintings, wow, I was happily in awe!  We also made it up around the Montmartre area and have been enjoying being around our hotel’s area which is the Opera Quarter/Place Vendome.  Both Chanel and Cartier flank our hotel…such couture-bliss even though I’m just window-shopping those two great design houses t.h.i.s… trip, lol!

…the meals, wine and sweets have been incredible!  I’ve neglected the fashion-side of things a bit with such distractions as focusing on meals, monuments n’ museums.  Everyone wears mainly black here anyway and the key pieces I brought (black fitted trenchcoat top, black tall riding boots, black n’ gray scarf and an opera-length strand of pearls are “everywhere” so those fashion websites and some of my friends’ advice sure were spot-on with the trending). The other day when I was in the historic flower/garden stalls area just off from Notre-Dame, I made two purchases and the vendors chatted-away in French to me so I must look kinda’ local in my get-up eh?  Smile, say “bonjour” and nod one’s head then end with “merci” as you count out your euros…..this seems to work just fine…. all the French folks we’ve encountered have been very nice and, once learning we’re Americans, quite helpful with info and recommendations.  It’s been a great experience here!

Visit Lac’s blog, The Preppy Islander for more photos and Paris scoop!


  1. Thanks so much V for linking this…. 🙂 We are back from Paris now and what an overall-inspiration it was with all-things-stylin’; just aesthetically amazing everywhere we turned!

    Best to you, Lac

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