StyleShot: Victoria Beckham

Y’all know I just love Victoria. Here she is looking sensational—and proving that you can wear four colors at the same time and not look mismatched.

What’s Victoria’s secret? Three of the four colors she’s wearing are neutrals. And you can steal this look…I’ve made it easy for you.

Mixing Neutrals

Mixing Neutrals by gritandglamour

Items in this set:
Diane von furstenberg jackets, 320 GBP
Santa Cruz Chino in Army, $220
MOOS, $75
MICHAEL Michael Kors Gold Oversized Runway Watch, $250


    1. Glad you like! Yeah, I’m totally coveting this outfit. But I covet all Victoria’s outfits. At least this one can be recreated in real life pretty easily.

    1. I don’t think anyone’s hating on Victoria anymore, thank goodness. I hope not. She’s come a loooooooong way, baby, and I don’t think anyone could really find anything to pick on her about…she’s a devoted mother, wife, businesswoman, and designer…and all her fashion mishaps are a thing of the past.

      I think for most women, style is cultivated over many years. About the time you start feeling like a confident grown-up is about the same time your style really gels (if you have that eye). I think that’s where Victoria is now. She’s an utter delight to see, and in every interview I’ve ever read, she seems totally down-to-earth and ladylike. Love her!