Chanel Fall 2010: Wookiees, faux reeeeal!

They say Karl Lagerfeld is a genius. And he is. I suppose. His Spring/summer 2010 collection with the clogs and haystacks was definitely genius.

But for fall 2010 Karl was in a deep freeze. I’m not sure what prompted him to open his show with models in full Wookie gear—maybe since Karl got supermodel skinny, he’s really feeling the cold. The only good thing about these outfits is that they are faux fur.

Photo: Monica Feudi /
Photo: Monica Feudi /

Original Wookiee, Chewbacca.


  1. I ran into you on the poll for Real Fur vs. Fake Fur – and okay- You’re right!!!! Chanel went wrong here with its Chewbacca-chic interpretation. But everything else Chanel is divine. This post is hilarious by the way. I must link it!!

    1. Obsessionista~

      Thanks for visiting and for your comment! Glad you enjoyed the post. I agree…ol’ Karl is generally on the mark, but the Wookiee-chic look was an odd choice. Please feel free tho share as you’d like.

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