The Worst of Paris, Fall 2010

I’m so disappointed in the majority of the Paris fall 2010 fashion shows. Of course the major players of Paris fashion haven’t shown yet, so there is still hope. But aside from a couple pieces here and there, it’s been one big freakshow, and I can’t imagine that there’d be much commercial marketability for looks like these…

All photos by Marcio Madeira /

Egads! Scariness at Rick Owens. She could never ride the Metro in that monstrosity.
Balenciaga: Is she a Transformer? Or is that a designer bullet-proof vest?
Manish Arora. Seriously? Is this for real?
Monk chic at Nicolas Andreas Taralis. Lordy.
At A.F. Vandevorst, fencing must have been on the brain.
Another one from Manish Arora. Color is a good thing, but this?!


  1. Oh horrors yes… freak-show is right! This is not even “arty”. I know a lot of people are enjoying the elements of surrealism and fantasy-Dali-esque that personalities such as Lady Gaga are promoting tirelessly right now and at first I thought, how creative but it’s becoming a bit wearing as of late to me. Kinda’ like one of those Elton John old-school late 70’s concerts that went on faaaar too long with his absurd over-sized glasses, platform boots and clownishly-colored n’ spangled outfits. Circuses should only come to town every great once in a while, not be a daily onslaught. But anyway, that’s just my opinion and I’m a traditionalist bordering romantic so my opinion’s definitely skewed however, I can appreciate creativity for what it’s worth and creative social commentary within the arts n’ fashion and yet again… however… bolts of illuminating light such as this should be lightening-quick to be effective, not lingering long past their effectiveness.

    I’m not a fan of Madonna by any means but I hafta’ give her a huge acknowledgement of credit (and incredible smart savvy) with how she used-to move very quickly through her creativity, creative phases. She’d realize an inspiration, nuance it within a unique way, express it individually, package it within her music and tours and then… be moving onwards into another round of creativity.

  2. Oh and I forgot to add, yes, so agree….”wearability” is becoming (thankfully) more and more key. Couture houses have been folding and it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that, artistically-inspired or not, the profferings from such need to be translated into something that actual women will wear, i.e. purchase.

    Should be interesting to see if flattering-pretty wins out with Oscar gown choices or if the clown-freaks come out like Bjork did with her swan dress several years ago, lol. Now SHE was the deserved original for creative-costuming wasn’t she?