D&G Fall 2010

I apologize for the recent proliferation of fashion show commentary on my blog. But it is fashion month…first NY, then London, then Milan, then Paris. I love fashion weeks because there is so much inspiration, on the street and the runway. Attendees are just as interesting to watch as the shows.

As you have surmised, fashion is always a season-and-a-half ahead, so right now fall 2010 shows are on. This is a necessity; clothing must be ordered, manufactured, delivered, and stocked at your local store in time for the actual, intended season. But it creates a hell of a conundrum for us fashionistas. It exacerbates our fashion ADD. It doesn’t matter if it’s 20 degrees out, or that you’re going into fall, when you see the spring collections you want them. Immediately. You long to wear sandals and minis and all the fantastic creations you’ve just spotted, that aren’t even in production yet.

Same goes for fall. We’re heading into spring, but the fall shows, they kill you. Because technically they feel right since it’s cold out, but none of the items or trends being shown can be procured now. Unless you’re a celebrity of course. So you go mad trying to replicate that look with the vestiges of the current season now on the sale racks. In other words, honey, it ain’t happenin’. Those trends—the look-alikes, the bags, the shoes, the coats, the colors, the essence—you know they’re coming but you actually have to wait through spring and summer to get them. And boy do I hate to wait.

Anyway, here’s another collection from Milan that made me salivate I loved it so much. It’s so me…see WVW: Snow Style if you don’t believe me…you’ll see the correlation. They grey wool, the Fair Isle pattern plus big furry boots. Yum. D&G rocked it. But I’m telling myself that I just can’t wait to wear sandals and minis and all the fantastic creations I spotted in the spring shows last fall. Yeah.

All photos by Marcio Madeira / FirstView.com. View the complete D&G fall 2010 collection on style.com.

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  1. Oh wow…. between watching the Winter Olympics and seeing this collection… I want to move back to Park City, Utah… STADT!!! lol

    I agree- this time of year before it starts getting warm is challenging in seeing all of the fall/winter collections showcased all the while we’re suppossed to be anticipating spring.

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