WVW: Black Gold*

*WVW=What V Wore
Witchery Mongolian Lamb vest, Benetton asymmetrical blouse
, Kookai skirt, mom’s gold coin necklace (circa 1970s), Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne gold spike bracelets, Oh Deer patent pumps.


  1. I LOVE this outfit and your mother’s necklace is awesome… I hope that you were heading out n’ about for a great evening on the town in this!

    Am stuck at home sick from over this past weekend and it’s such a drag but on the plus side, am able to enjoy a lot of computer-time when not taking naps so that’s been making feeling-bad bearable and a good distraction.

    Best to you and keep up the What V Wore- so stylin’-inspiring!!!

    1. Thanks Lac! So sorry you’ve been sick. Know how you feel. It hit me a couple weeks ago and I still have the vestiges of it. Feel better!!!

      PS: You going to Charleston Fashion Week?

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