I ♥ Woodies

Not those woodies, you dirty bird. Erm, that’s not quite right either. It’s not that I don’t…well, I’m just digging a hell of a hole here, aren’t I?

OK, take two.

I ♥ my “Charli” Woodies by Jeffrey Campbell…the clog I’ve wanted for years has finally been invented! And they arrived today and I am soooo in l♥ve!

Lest you think I’m a totally trend victim (since Chanel is releasing a spring 2010 clog almost identical to this one), I need to give a little background. First, I’ve had clogs of all sorts on and off through the years. I really like them although they aren’t the most comfortable shoes in the world. The last pair I bought back around 1994 was a traditional clog, but all black (of course). I ended up giving them away a few years after, and haven’t been interested in a new pair since I spotted these. Why? Because I wanted a clog with a heel. And all the clogs made between 1994 and 2010 weren’t the least bit compelling to me.

Then this post appears on In Their Closet: Real vs. Steal – Chanel Spring 2010 Clogs. Fellow writer Celine raved about the Charli clog, which is an absolute dead-ringer for the completely over-priced Chanel version. I got one look at the steal version, and like Celine, I ordered immediately. Because my dream clog had finally been created, with a serious heel…no wimpy two- or three-inchers for me, thank you.

Initially, I ordered the nude pair from Free People, thinking they’d be great for lighter colors in spring. It was also a ridiculous endeavor to convince myself that I don’t need another. Black. Shoe. They arrived very quickly and they were just lovely. Truly. A light nude that was perfect with my white legs. But the more I tried them on with things in my closet, the more it became apparent that I’d get a lot more wear out of the black pair. Such is life with a wardrobe that is 75% black.

So I called Free People and they sent me a complimentary return mailing label for the nude pair (excellent customer service, by the way), and at the same time I ordered the black pair, out of absolute fear they’d sell out if I waited several weeks for an exchange to be processed. The black pair arrived in less than 48 hours, and they are everything I hoped they’d be, and more. Unlike traditional clogs, this pair is lined in lightly padded leather, which makes them far more comfortable. And unlike the Chanel pair, the strap that goes over the top of the foot on the Charli version actually converts to an ankle strap—fantastic for ensuring they stay on when worn with a sock or tights.

I can see these being my go-to shoes during transitional weather. But right now, this is how I’m going to wear them until the weather warms up a bit:

With leg warmers! Aren’t they so cute? Can’t you just see them with bare legs, a minidress, and a fuzzy scarf? I have to admit I was inspired by all the slouch boots currently being shown at New York Fashion Week for fall 2010. Since I don’t have any suede slouch boots at the moment (but come fall 2010, you know I will), leg warmers have the same effect, and—duh!—they keep your legs warm when it’s 43 degrees outside. Plus, how fun would it be to get some crazy striped leg warmers and throw them over these clogs? Add a denim mini or leggings and a tunic and it’s the perfect weekend outfit.


    1. Ha!!!!!!! Thanks Celine. I’m sure you’re loving your nude pair….but I’m guessing you’d wear black a lot too. Please share photos of the leg warmers with your clogs when you do them. Would love to see what you come up with!

      PS: Congratulations on your engagement. And what a stunning ring!

  1. Alright, would you guys please just stop… gosh, as if I didn’t lust after enough shoes already! And that goes by saying that until Celine’s post about the JCs I’ve NEVER considered clogs to be stylish or thought I might one day want to have a pair.

    The clogs look great on you, Vahni (please post full-length pics, so we can drool over your head-to-toe fabulousness ;)). The leg-warmers look really cozy and cute. ♥
    .-= Irina´s last blog ..Real vs. Steal – Issa Plunge Front Dress =-.

    1. Irina…you MUST get these clogs, honey. You will love them! And you will likely be the only girl in your town to have them. That’s one thing I love about buying online. You can procure things no other girl near you has (but they all want after seeing you in them!).

      Thanks for the ♥ and comment. Look for those full-length pics over the weekend. I wore my cloggies and felt like a bohemian queen in them!

  2. I’m still in my Dansko-clogs from our ski bummin’ out in Utah days… once I buy something, I tend to wear it f.o.r.e.v.e.r however these heeled-clogs are really neat! And leg warmers are back, wow, my highschool mid-1980’s fashions are coming back into vogue lately: such fun!

    This is a great look for wintertime layering with style- thanks V 🙂

    1. Lac…there’s definitely an 80s vibe at the moment, but this fall, it will be all about the 70s. So keep your skinnies around, but invest in some flares, and expect to see rust, tan, and cognac colors—plus suede and leather as far as the eye can see!

  3. Oh those ARE my colors and fabrics….excellent! I’m all-about thin, supple suede in a more fitted tailoring especially with skirts and coat tops/blazers. Will be looking forward to this fall fashions season and already love, love the Ralph Lauren collection for it!!!

    Best, Lac

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