{Essie} Pink Parka

OK, I don’t normally appreciate photos of feet unless they belong to a foot model. And I wouldn’t post photos of my tootsies if I weren’t so chuffed about my new pedicure. Or if I had hooves. But since a photographer I used to know once begged me to let him take photos of my feet (I declined), I figure they must not be too bad.

See, what prompted all this is that I’ve been itching to try the neon nails trend after seeing a day-glo toe…or ten. So the first thing I did I was scoop up a bottle of Essie Pink Parka that I’ve had my eye on.

Then I painted. Two coats, which dried fast, and dried matte, interestingly enough. I’ve never tried Essie polish before, but so far, I’m impressed. I finished with a shiny OPI top coat, and SHAZAM! Seriously pink, seriously bright nails. Like a pink highlighter for my toes. I have to admit that the color was unnaturally bright at first—almost too much. Almost. But the more I look at my pedi, the more I like love.

Now I’m looking forward to warmer weather so I can sport my Pink Parka piggies with outrageous platforms and drab, military-inspired olive and khaki shorts or skirts. Wait a minute. I’m going to be in south Florida in ten days! Woo hoo! Perfect timing.


  1. That IS a totally incredible pink!!! Perfect with this spring season’s bright, clear hues coming in…

    Thanks for sharing about it and now I’m ready for warmer weather to come around and let us all wear strappy sandals.

    Best, Lac

    1. Thanks Lac! Yes, it is crazy bright, but with all the grey days lately, it’s like my own private pick-me-up. I actually woke up this morning and looked down and thought: I love my pretty pink toes! But I’m all girl that way. Love me some pink.

    1. Irina…go for it! They’re so much fun! If you don’t find Essie, there is a color by China Glaze that is nearly as bright. Essie also does a neon orange, but that one was a little *too* neon for me.

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