WVW: Northern Hemisphere*

*WVW = What V Wore
Witchery vest, Banana Republic tunic, Funky Femme ruched leggings, Aldo boots


  1. Just saw it 🙂 Yes, total-brrr! Are you in the NC-snow right now? I think I recognize the backyard??

    I’ve just lugged 9 garbage bags out into the main hallway here; used this cold, rainy evening to de-junk/re-organize Dad’s walk-in closet plus mine but almost all of the bags are from Dads- go figure! And this is just things for the trash; the Goodwill donations haven’t even been bagged up as of yet- that’s for tomorrow since I’m tired of the project at this point and also need to head to bed soon with church in the morning. The house is pretty streamlined now excepting closets, some cabinets and one corner of the garage: all my 2010 spring-cleaning projects that I’m getting going on…. my mother was a pack-rat and it’s taken these 5 years to dig-out from her collections n’ collecting. I’m a “keep simplified but with quality n’ beauty” typa’ gal so this has been a challenge for me that’s for sure but it’s finally getting-there.

    Now, if all this mud, fallen tree limbs and brown grass would transform itself into the beautiful spring we have but I’m getting ahead of the seasons here, haha!

    Best and keep warm, Lac

    1. Lac~

      Good for you for getting your spring cleaning in early! I’m inspired. I think I need to tackle a room at a time, starting with the attic. Ugh. Maybe it will be better if I have some wine and put on some Lady Gaga while I do it? That’s my plan, I think. Or copious amounts of coffee.

  2. Music always helps big-time! Good idea- I usually have my little iPod shuffle going when I do projects like this but today/tonight was so nicely quiet all around the house that I just savored the silence. Well, as quiet as working in closets can be, ha.

    Good luck with your spring cleaning/cleaning-out. Now I’m finally off to bed, zzz. Best, Lac

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