My Wear Weather

In my quest to help my reader, Lac, prepare for a trip to Paris in March, I received a tweet from @threadswap about My Wear Weather, which is the cutest site ever. It’s clever and practical, with weather forecasts for Australia and major international cities, communicated in such a way as to answer my favorite question: what am I going to wear?

Below is a screen shot of the forecast for this week in Paris. Temps are in Celsius, but for those in the USA, you can always use an online metric conversion calculator to change to Fahrenheit (maybe someone can add that option to the site?). Having said that, because they use icons to convey the amount of clothing you would need, or appropriate footwear, you almost don’t even have to pay attention to the numbers. See, I told you it’s clever!

Lac, try it out closer to your trip. And readers, has no one been to Paris and can help? There are still no comments (other than mine) on my post, Your opinion is humbly requested… There must be someone out there who can give their two cents. Where’s the Web love, ya’ll?

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  1. Thanks V!

    That’s a really neat site and I’ll definitely check it on into March when we’re headed over to Paris!

    The icons are adorable and like you said, make this super-easy to utilize. I really appreciate the help and insights. Today I found what looks to be excellent black leather walking shoes made by Clarks so ya’ know they will be comfortable but designed with a more modern heel and an ovaled criss-cross strapping plus a dressier, longer toe area that’ll be great for trousers, skirts and the little black dress, bien sur.

    The hotel we’re booked into is a blend of elegant-meets-Zen and so it’s less frou-frou and more a quiet sophistication kinda’ environment; if that makes sense. It’s the Paris Park Hyatt Vendome. And so… I’m thinking that I may go a bit more “modern sophisticate” than “Catherine Deneuve classic n’ tailored”, hmm.

    Such fun to mull over and makes anticipating the trip all the better.

    Best, Lac

    1. Sounds like you’ve got it all in the bag, no pun intended! Funny, I thought I of you today while I was out shopping. I saw these great flats by Puma, and some other walking-shoes-in-disguise and you crossed my mind. I’m sure the Clarks pair is exactly what you need to look nice and be able to do some serious walking! You’ll look great, I have no doubt!

  2. Paris: Amazing city! It’s been a few years since I have visited, but I can tell you all about what kind of everyday fashion I have seen on the streets of Europe in general (I have traveled and lived her for the past year, including a trip to the South of France)

    I would suggest:

    A pair of colorful fashion sneakers for sighseeing – but, buy them there! The selection is amazing.
    A pair of flat leather boots.
    Skinny jeans or slim cut pants. Tucked into boots or worn with stilettos.
    Long tops worn under short jackets. Lots of play with proportion here.
    Pile on the layers – the more the better. And don’t leave the hotel without a scarf on!
    Lots of jewelry. Don’t be afraid to wear everything you own at once. Europe is a fun place to experiment with your look.
    A large handbag. LV if at all possible! : ) The French adore their LVs. I think 8 out of ten women carry them in that country. I was lucky enough to have one to carry during my trip there – I felt like a local.

    When in doubt, the biggest difference between American and European street fashion is silhouette. American clothes are cut so roomy, while the Europeans prefer a much slimmer, tailored cut. Have fun and please pst about your trip!

  3. Thank you Tex! I really appreciate this!

    Absolutely wonderful information and now I WISH that I hadn’t sold my LV handbag years ago when moving out to the Utah mountains to be a ski-bum… oh well. I kept the 2 Chanels thankfully and now I see where they’re trending again a bit among the younger set so that’s neat.

    My big-bear of a husband will be doing the roomy-look with his clothes per usual but I’m going to take your advice and go get me some much-skinnier jeans than I usually wear. On a good-day I’m a petite-length size 6 but I do tend to wear mostly 8’s to have a bit of “give” with my clothes excepting all those variations of the-little-black-dress sleeveless shifts that I seem to keep acquiring. This’ll be fun to break out of my mode with a new pair of jeans that are more Parisian in style. I also read somewhere that they mostly prefer dark blue jeans over the lighter-hued ones. Maybe because they look dressier?

    Oh and this is right up my alley: scarves and piling on the jewelry!!! I do that here where I live on an island off the coast of SC: both on-island and off-island. That’s been my style for years so this is great to read! A lot of my profile-pictures for writing, school and so on show me in simple pearls and pearl stud earrings but that’s for a classic-look that I do enjoy however, otherwise, unless I’m kayaking, fly fishing or at the beach, I LOVE layering necklaces, bracelets and wearing statement-earrings.

    Thank you again for all of the great information and the inspiration! I’ll definitely write-in to V about Paris post our trip over there which is this coming March and send a picture or two of what I wore that she can share here if she wants to…

    Best, Lac

    1. Yay! So glad to have helped, Lac!

      I think grabbing a new pair of skinnies is a great idea. My faves are from Citizens of Humanity…they’re cut for curves, and have a good amount of stretch in most styles (I cannot wear non-stretchy denim. Ouch). I’m about the same size as you are, so I figured I’d pass that bit on. But there is soooooo much denim out there now, so just grab a bunch and start trying them on.

      PS: Lucky you, with your TWO Chanel bags! They’ll go over just fine. And classic Chanel bags are indeed having a moment…again!
      PPS: A guest blog would be fantastic. You can share during your trip or after, or both! You know where to find me!

  4. Quick story about my first Chanel Purse…

    James and I worked straight-through our first four years of marriage without taking a single vacation or long weekend off. Finally, we decided to take a week up in New York City staying at the Waldorf-Astoria, seeing a play, eating at places he was interested in (being a chef at that time) and me making the “required” stop by Tiffany & Co. per being a fan of Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

    Well, it was a grand time and towards the last days up there, we went into the Chanel Boutique….oooh, nirvana! I was just in a daze almost, happy happy to look around and admire every single thing in that place. James and I espied one of the classic traditional black quilted leather with gold chain and cc turn-clasp handbags and the saleslady handed it to me to “try on”. Maybe it was the look on my face but James said without hesitation, “we’ll take it” and ever since, this handbag above all others I have or ever will purchase/receive in the future will be my all-time favorite.

    (The second one which is a larger version of the first but in a camel toned pebbled leather was purchased while on another vacation that time out in Scottsdale, AZ. I have really enjoyed them both over almost two decades now and price-per-wear cost evaluation, they’ve actually been good investments.)

    Anyway, yeah, I feel fortunate fortunate to have these and the smaller black one’s Paris-bound…

    Best to you both and this is so much fun chatting-away about fashion- love it!