StyleShot: (I ♥) Victoria

First, I am not a lesbian, let’s establish that for those readers who don’t know me personally. I just love Victoria Beckham’s style. This is not a Victoria fan blog, but she has cultivated such great awareness of what works that I always look forward to seeing what she is wearing. And I love this:

Victoria Beckham, January 2010. From


  1. The British Mail had some photos of her recently wearing ballet flats, wow… I did a double-take! Stiletto heels are great but if you look at a picture/xray of how they shape one’s foot bones, it’s kinda’ scary to be wearing them 24/7 and maybe she’s finding this out now.

    Otherwise, yes, a BIG improvement in her personal style overall- I agree 🙂

    1. I know! I nearly did a double-take when I saw her in flats myself. Though, I must admit, flats are the way to go when there’s lots of walking involved and you still want to look like a lady. Ultimately, my Nike Shox are the only truly comfy shoes I own, and I’m in them nearly every day for exercise, so when it’s time to put on a dress, I’m so dying to throw on a heel!

      1. Yes, that’s the way to do it… keep the heels for fun-wear and otherwise wear comfortable shoes mostly and… have those trainers on so that ya’ exercise- love it! 🙂 I do the same around here- we’re on the same vibe, cool! On-island I wear my running shoes or, if gardening, my garden clogs or boots and then off-island I do-it-up unless I’m just running errands and then I descend-into-prep, haha, with either ballet flats, weejun loafers, clogs or tall boots.

        I’m sooo excited! James and I are heading to Paris for a week in March and I can’t wait to see the fashions there- fun, fun 🙂 I’ve been informed that, ” this is not a buying trip” by the big-guy but I’m sure that I can find one small item (like my London-scarf of last year) to take away as a practical souvineer eh?

        Any advice on dressing-well a la’ Paris I’d love to hear. I’ve got a primarily black wardrobe workin’ so far and will take my smaller Chanel black quilted shoulder bag but otherwise, will research about this some. Have you seen the wonderful street fashion photography blog, The Sartorialist- it’s so much fun to scroll through and get inspiration from.

        Now being out here on this ruralish-island, I just adore it whenever I can Big City Style myself and wear more fashion-forward items out n’ about. We so miss James’ NYC domiscile and bummin’ around Manhattan, sigh…

        BEST to you and keep the fashion-comin’ on the blog here- I love it! -Lac

        1. How exciting! Paris! You lucky thing. I will post a question about this and hopefully we can answer your questions about wardrobe choices. Unfortunately, I’ve never been to Paris, so I have no real idea. I know that Parisian women are extremely chic, but in a way that seems effortless, not manufactured. You definitely can’t go wrong with classic clothing in black, a Chanel bag, and a great scarf.

          I have seen The Sartorialist…I’ve actually had a link to his blog on the right sidebar of my blog for a while. Even better is his fiancé, Garance…her blog covers both fashion and illustration, and she is wickedly funny. A link to her blog also appears above on the right sidebar.

          So I’m going to post a question about Paris to my readers…let’s hope we get some good responses!

  2. Thanks so much V! Wow… this’ll be great info coming in and I so appreciate it!!!

    I’m thinking that what I’ve worn in NYC, London, Vienna, Berlin, Sydney and such needs to be cranked up a notch in the fashion-that-is-Paris. Maybe black but with a cutting-edge and some killer heels for evenings-out? Good to hear that the bag n’ scarf sound like a “do” there.

    Neat about Garance’s blog- I’ll check that out. Can’t wait to read the responses, fun!

    Best, Lac

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