What I really want to write…

is a long, sordid post about the propensity of friends/ex-friends (who wouldn’t know each other if it weren’t for you), galvanized in their cumulative hatred for and jealousy of you, give shout-outs to each other and switch sides via Two-Facedbook.  But I won’t write about that, because my year of Losing Friends and Alienating People is nearly over; 2009 and the haters can kiss my you-know-what. If there is one thing I learned in 2009, it’s that you can only rely on yourself. And that Facebook is the new medium/equivalent of the high school clique. I didn’t partake then, and after a two month hiatus followed by a few days back on, I am positive it adds zero to my life.

But I said I’m not going to write about it because I’m done with it. So instead, let’s keep this really superficial and talk about the good stuff: that I managed (going into the holidays) to get skinnier than I’ve been in almost two years; that I love the thigh-high boot trend; that I have a couple of real, true friends who will always be there for me, even when my logic seems mad to them; that I have been blessed with the greatest mom in the world. And again, that 2009 is a few days from being history, and I’ll be in Sydney watching the New Year’s Eve fireworks live that the rest of the world only sees on TV.


  1. I will really miss seeing you on Facebook but will keep-up here of course… hate to hear that kinda’ thing happened, ugh. There just has to be a special level in Dante’s Inferno envisioning of hell for alla’ the haters out there.

    You always have a friend-on-Coosaw and I know that 2010 is going to be a great year for you even in just with starting it out by seeing those amazing fireworks in the Sydney harbor, wow 😉 I loved seeing the Sydney city lights by boat at night and can only imagine fireworks.

    Best to you in 2010!

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