The Sartorialist in Sydney

So The Sartorialist popped over to Oz again for a visit and a book signing at Sass & Bide (in not-so-easy-to-get-to Paddington) from 6-9pm on December 8. I went. Ostensibly to get a book signed and meet the man who put street style blogging on the map. Or, maybe my motivation was really to see or meet his fiancé Garance, whose blog I love and adore.

Let me just say that adoration for Scott Schuman is alive and well in Sydney. I arrived to the signing just after 7pm to see this:

x2_5c47edA line stretching down and around the block in two directions. OK, to be expected.

I got in line on the side where I arrived and stood. And stood. With the line really not making any progress for a good hour.

So I stood some more. Through dinnertime, nightfall, the weather changing from summery to cool and very windy as a massive storm approached.

Finally the line began to move, and two hours later, I was at the door with a good 50 people still ahead of me. My feet were hurting, my back was aching; I was cold, hungry, and aggravated. I saw no Garance and no reprieve for a while, so I finally bailed without my book and without my autograph. This is as close as I got:

x2_5c5594Essentially, the trip was a total waste of time. Well, almost. I would loved to have met Scott Schuman, but since everyone else obviously spent extra time taking photos of him and telling him how they worship his blog, it made for the longest book signing I’ve ever been to. And I’m a fan but not a fanatic, so I just couldn’t take the waiting any longer.

The good part, however, was seeing the unbelievable outfits worn by the Sass & Bide sales girls, who were flitting in and out trying to manage the line and event. Crowd control and events managment is certainly not their forté, but fantastic frockery is. Which is pretty easy to accomplish with all those ahmazing Sass & Bide frocks at your discounted disposal. The girls were all in floor-sweeping maxi dresses—think modern hippie, luxe boho meets rocker chick. Fresh, almost natural faces, flowing hair, gladiator flats and simple sandals, and wild, wild, wild dresses. Loved them, and I’m totally inspired. This is typical Sass & Bide fare, to paint you a picture. I think I need a job there…


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