Planes and Pink Man

S240258893_09ce5dd2b7o I have arrived back Down Under in one piece. Since it’s currently 5:10am and I’m blogging, suffice it to say that the jetlag hasn’t been overcome.

On my first flight from the east coast to the west coast of the U.S., I happened to sit beside a super nice guy, who I learned is actually a bit of a celebrity: Pink Man. We had a great conversation, and he definitely made the first five hours of my journey more fun and thought-provoking than the remaining 17.

I was totally inspired by his positivity and his creativity; the object of his whole Pink Man persona is simply to get people to smile and be happy. He travels the world doing this. Can you imagine a dream that simple, that lofty, and that fantastic? He’s a promoter for happiness. So to pay-it-forward and spread the love, this is my plug for him.

Pink Man on YouTube


PS: Michael, hope things worked out with EJ!

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