Damn, Demi!

In the bookstore tonight. This caught my eye:

Demi Moore on the cover of W, December 2009.
Demi Moore on the cover of W, December 2009.

So I picked it up, flipped to the fabulous puma that is Demi Moore, and I see this:

Demi Moore in W, December 2009.
Demi Moore in W, December 2009.

Lord. I mean, really. I know there is retouching and airbrushing. But @mrskutcher looks this hot in all her red carpet photos, which are not retouched. If ever there were inspiration to thank God for hair dye, younger men, and the ability to stay on the elliptical five minutes longer, this is it!

OK, so how am I doing? Hair dye? Check. Yes, it’s true. But at least it’s only to maintain my natural color, which is the same as Demi’s.

Marry a younger man? Check. Got that right this time around. OK, he’s only six months younger which doesn’t exactly give me puma bragging rights. But he’s about the same age as my first husband when I met him, but it’s now 13 years later…score!

Finally, the elliptical for five minutes longer? I can check that one only on days when the attached TV has some compelling frivolity playing on E or TLC. But I think I’ve managed to lose five-to-seven pounds while in the States. And just in time for bikini season in Oz. Yeeeeehaw!

PS: I’ll still be on the elliptical five minutes longer tomorrow.

PPS: For more G&G Demi worship, read:


  1. T…I did deactivate FB for now…long story. But thanks for the link….I will check it out!

    Hope you’re well, sweets!

  2. Tex…There’s been a lot of brouhaha about Demi and her hip. Demi herself has stated (via Twitter) that the photo was not retouched. I think it’s the angle of Demi’s body, plus she’s rather slim-hipped anyway. She’s kind of leaning to her right in the photo, which would exaggerate the curve on that side and stretch out the other.

    Here’s the relevant Tweet from @mrskutcher:

    Here is the original image people my hips were not touched don’t let these people bullshit you! http://twitpic.com/q4v70
    3:01 PM Nov 19th from Tweetie

  3. Of course Demi is going to deny, deny, deny. She makes her living on the fact that people think she’s a MILF, cougar, whatever.

    It’s just interesting that she appareas to have the same exact collarbones/muscle lines as that model.

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