Bondi Booty Shakin’

Even though I am vehemently opposed to synchronized dancing (beyond The Rockettes, of course), and Bondi is waaaaaay too touristy, this is October 30, 2009 occurrence is too good:


  1. LOVED this!!!

    A couple a’ years ago I was at Bondi Beach but didn’t see any great dancing going on… just a handful of surfers trying to navigate some pretty big waves during the off-season.

    The guy in the red swimsuit’s having such a blast dancing- good for him! That’s one thing, among many, that I really love about my Aussie-in-laws and friends in Melbourne…they have great times celebrating life and don’t care how they look while doing it. SO relaxing and so different from the past city-life I used to live within. Now out here on this tiny island, no one cares a fiddle about primping n’ posturing so it’s kinda’ “No Worries” Lowcountry Southern Style, lol.

    Best, Lac

  2. Total agreement, Lac! I’ve never seen any dancing at Bondi either…that would be so awesome to witness live.

    I admire that guy, I really do. It takes an extraordinary amount of guts to do that…I know I couldn’t. That’s the biggest struggle I think we have in life: being true to yourself. It requires tremendous fortitude and personal conviction.

    PS: You must be lovin’ Lowcountry life on your island. Sounds like the perfect place! Lucky girl.

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