Typical Girl

That’s what the superkawaii Target cashier said to me when she rang up my purchase:


Then she said, “The only thing missing is chocolate,” to which I responded with a laugh, then reassured her, “Actually, it’s not. I’m going right over to Starbucks [inside Target, of course, God I love the USA] for a iced soy latte with a shot of mocha!”

Cutie cashier was right. Typical girl. Weekend night at home, painting her nails—instead of the town—red. Oh how I long for a romantic date…

PS: About my drugstore cosmetics…the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Are You Red-dy I bought is the absolute perfect red! It’s like a Louboutin sole, and it is the red lipstick I have been looking for for the last 20 years, I kid you not. Who knew? I’m so picky about lipstick, but this one is vibrant, creamy, moist-looking, and faintly-but-pleasantly fragranced. My first time trying Maybelline, if you can believe that. No wonder why only one tube was left at Target, and Ulta was sold out. And it matches my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish in Rapid Red famously. Finally, a red I like!

Now where is my martini?

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