It happens often to me. Getting sidetracked, especially online.

I’ll read about a great blog in a mag, go look for it online, click through links on the new site/blog I’m checking out, and the next thing you know, I’m mesmerized by a fantastic image of Brigitte Bardot in her prime (a still from the movie Shalako)…instead of writing about Paris Fashion Week, which is what I’m supposed to be doing at the moment.

Let me retrace my path:

  1. I click from here to G&G on Twitter. While there I scan the tweets of the people I follow.
  2. Atlantis Home has tweeted about a new post, so I click to there.
  3. From AH, it’s to The Shrimpton Couture Blog.
  4. I’m scrolling the first page and I get to the Reinterpreting Icons post and I see this, and now I have to blog about it!Bardot, Shalako

Love that low, loooooong pony. Love the loose pieces in the front. OK, so I’m totally not cutting my hair. Except for a little trim in the front, around the face, so I can rock this look too. And I don’t care if I’m job-hunting in a conservative industry. I’ll do the bun thing, then out the hair comes, cause it’s just me.

In a Bardot pony…

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