Leather skeletons at Becker Minty Woman!

I’ve seen it all now…and this is creativity to the nth degree. I love it.



Here’s the text of Becker Minty’s newsletter with full details on Natalia Brilli’s black leather skeleton/mannequins and (super cool) accessories:

Leather Skeletons On Tour
Playing a silent gig in the windows of BECKER MINTY WOMAN, a Natalia Brilli rock band of three life sized skeletons along with drum kit, guitar, Marshall amp and mic stand – all clad in Brilli’s signature black leather. Covering each skeleton required 500 hours of work and 70 lambskins were used to cover the entire installation.

Each piece of the rock band is available to order in limited editions and will come with its own customised flight case complete with a certificate of authenticity signed by Natalia Brilli.

As part of a world tour, with appearances in exhibitions across Europe, Asia, and the US, the band will be in Sydney until 7 October 2009

Drop Dead Gorgeous
Visit the band at BECKER MINTY WOMAN and see a changing array of racewear and evening gowns as our mannequins show the skeletons what drop dead glamour looks like. More exquisite styles from Aurelio Costarella have arrived and we are awash with colour and beauty.

Natalia Brilli Jewellery, Bags & Accessories

We have beautiful Brilli pieces in store now, with hot new accessories arriving from Paris very soon. As always with Natalia Brilli, expect the unexpected – a wishbone pendant on a leather strap, a multistrand bead necklace trimmed with a foxtail, the Flapper leather hobo bag hung with silk fringing. Some of our favourite pieces are for business and travel – notebook cases sized for a 13″ and 15″ computer, a travel organiser wallet, and an oversized cargo backpack. Brilli accessories can be found in both BECKER MINTY and BECKER MINTY WOMAN.

Brilli notebook bag
Natalia Brilli leather notebook bag

Natalia Brilli wallet
Natalia Brilli wallet

Shop 7, Ikon Building, 81 Macleay Street, Potts Point, NSW 2011, Australia
Ph: +61 2 8356 9999  Email: info@beckerminty.com

Cnr Macleay Street & Greenknowe Avenue, Potts Point, NSW 2011 Australia
Ph: +61 2 8356 9908


  1. Her stuff is so cool. Her website has had the online shop coming soon up there for years. I know there is a store on South Beach called Alchemist or something like that which carries her stuff. It was the 1st time I ever saw an NB in person, oddly enough I recognized it right away.

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