The Sort-of Expat

That’s what I am. Sort of here, sort of there. Half my wardrobe is here, half is there. I like it better here, but my heart (and man) are there. Is he coming here or am I going back there?

Thing is, once you’re there, you’re never fully here. So when you’re here, you’re kinda also there. It’s a totally whack, totally anxiety-inducing existence. It’s hard to manage and driving me to the brink cause we’re still trying to answer that one simple question: where?

In honor of the quandary of the expat (and because right now, I’m in desperate need of therapy and an alcoholic beverage), here are links to other great expat bloggers who already saw/felt/wrote all the things I have about living life as an American expat in Oz.

If there are any expat bloggers out there who can tell me how you forget being thisclose to your Greek family in the States while making a new life for yourself 10,000 miles away (and not always feel like you’re being ripped in two) please, do tell. Cause I am having a hell of a time trying to figure it out.


  1. thanks for the mention… some of your posts really echo my feellings to a T! It’s so weird to never really feel COMPLETELY a part of one location anymore. I think I’ll always feel like a piece of me is here and a piece of me is back in the states.

  2. I should thank you, Elsja…often it’s because of your blog and the blogs of others that I realize I’m neither crazy nor a prima donna. I’m just an American used to a different country and life. And my experience is not unique at all, because all the other American expats say/think/feel exactly the same things!.

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