I remember when…

things weren’t quite so complicated. My head wasn’t constantly questioning my heart, and vice versa. I knew what I needed to do because the goal was clear-cut. I didn’t spend hours on the Internet trying to understand various countries’ immigration processes. I wasn’t trying to make everyone else happy, and consequently, I was. I didn’t second-guess myself. I was motivated, everyday. Insurance was optional. I didn’t have this all-too-frequent sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I didn’t feel like I was moving backwards. My life was exactly what I expected it to be.


  1. Hey Fly Girl…

    I’m there again…and now we’re going to work on a visa for him for the U.S. The fun never stops. But at least I have my visa for Oz for two years, so once he’s here for a while and we work a bit, we can figure out what to do for the long run.

  2. Yeah, well. You know the drill over here. The last five years of my career just rocketed back home and here its just stagnating. Just reminding myself to take baby steps over here, y’know. 🙂

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