Leave Rachel alone!

I am so addicted to The Rachel Zoe Project (of course). I got totally hooked on the first season, and now that we’re in season two, on Monday nights at 10pm, I am in front of my TV because I couldn’t possibly wait til the season ends to be able to watch episodes online.

Photo: LA Tmes
Photo: LA Tmes

Anyway, so I love Rachel, I love Rodger, I love that Rodger loves Rachel and gets her; I am consistently perplexed by Taylor’s sour-puss attitude, and of course, we all love Brad. It is amazing to be able to see what really goes on between stylists and celebrity clients, and how Rachel interacts with designers and manages clients while trying to manage her own brand.

Tonight’s episode showed just how jangled Rachel gets when she reads bad press and or spiteful/untrue things that have been written about her. I loved that Rodger took her anger in stride, that he just let her vent and he was the cheerleader she needed in her corner. It was sweet and endearing. It made me so sad to see how upset she was…Rachel tries so hard! Her clients seem to adore her, and she’s a tremendously gifted stylist. I see a woman who is a perfectionist (that’s what makes her good) but is extremely overscheduled. Guaranteed to make anyone brusque, right?

It also makes me mad that she has so many haters. But I suppose we all have the haters, don’t we? The people that for no good reason, usually, have to tear you down to make themselves feel better. I suppose if you have any measure of success, that is par for the course.

But still.

Stop picking on Rachel Zoe! She’s a human being, after all.

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