I’d rather have coffee…

to help me wake up instead of nearly mowing down a kid. But that’s what I nearly did this morning.

I was driving through my neighborhood and was about to make a left turn onto another street to get out of my ‘hood. Just rolling up to the stop sign on the street on the left was a school bus. On my right as I approached was a parked SUV or car (can’t remember). In front of said parked car were moms and their five-to-seven-year-old kids, waiting for the bus.

As I’m hitting the brake to turn left onto the street and pass the bus, this freakin’ kid darts out on the right in front of my car, I’m guessing to run to the bus, which did not have its stopping lights/signs on yet. Thank God the kid and I both put the brakes on because otherwise I would have hit him, and first of all, I would I have felt like s*** because I hit a kid (and it wasn’t my fault); and second, who needs that s*** at 7:45am when you’re still half asleep?


Anyway, moms out there, please tell your kids that they must absolutely:

  1. Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  2. Look to see that the bus has put its “stop” lights on and sign out.
  3. Look both ways before heading toward the bus.
  4. WALK, not run to the bus.

A crisis and surefire permanent trauma were avoided (as well as years of therapy), and I’m awake now, that is for sure. So this is my PSA people. Watch your kids! Even in the neighborhood early in the morning!

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